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Characters By Chapter
Jane Hale
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1(Mr.)BennetPatriarch of the Bennet family.
 (Mrs.)BennetMr. Bennet's wife.
 (Mrs.)LongOne of the neighbor's of the Bennets.
 CharlesBingleyMr. Darcy's best friend. Has considerable wealth.
 (Mr.)MorrisPerson who Mr. Bingley talked to regarding Netherfield.
 (Sir) William LucasFriend and neighbor of the Bennet family.
 (Lady)LucasWife of Sir William.
 ElizabethBennetProtagonist. 2nd oldest daughter of the Bennets. Aka Lizzy.
 JaneBennetElder sister of Elizabeth.
 LydiaBennetYoungest sister of Elizabeth.
2CatherineBennetaka Kitty. Second youngest sister of Elizabeth.
 MaryBennetYounger sister of Elizabeth.
3(Mr.)HurstMr. Bingley's brother-in-law.
 FitzwilliamDarcyProtagonist. Extremely wealthy aristocrat. Mr. Bingley's friend.
 Louisa HurstEldest sister of Mr. Bingley and wife of Mr. Hurst.
 CarolineBingleyYoungest sister of Mr. Bingley.
 (Miss)KingAttended the ball hosted by Mr. Bingley.
 MariaLucasDaughter of Sir William and Lady Lucas.
5CharlotteLucasElizabeth's best friend. Elder sister of Maria.
 (Mr.)RobinsonAttended the ball hosted by Mr. Bingley.
 (Mr.)LucasYounger brother of Charlotte and Maria.
6 ForsterColonel. Regiment leader.
7(Mr.)PhillipsFormer clerk of Mrs. Bennet's father.
 (Mrs.)PhillipsSister of Mrs. Bennet and wife of Mr. Phillips.
  CarterCaptain in the regiment.
8GeorgianaDarcyMr. Darcy's sister.
9(Mr.)GardinerMrs. Bennet's brother. Merchant.
11(Mrs.)NichollsCook and housekeeper at Netherfield.
13(Mrs.)HillCook and housekeeper of the Bennets.
 WilliamCollinsDistant cousin of Mr. Bennet. Clergyman.
 Lady Catherinede BourghWidow. Mr. Darcy's aunt. Mr. Collins' patroness.
14(Miss)de BourghLady Catherine's daughter.
 (Mr.)DennySoldier in the regiment.
15GeorgeWickhamOfficer in the regiment. Godson of Mr. Darcy's father.
16(Lady) AnneDarcySister of Lady Catherine. Mr. Darcy's mother.
19(Mrs.)JenkinsonCompanion of Miss de Bourgh.
25(Mrs.)GardinerWife of Mr. Gardiner.
29(Lady)MetcalfAn acquaintance of Lady Catherine.
30 FitzwilliamColonel. Cousin of Mr. Darcy.
35(Mrs.)YoungeFormer governess of Georgina.
37John Servant of Lady Catherine.
39 Pratt Soldier in the regiment.
43(Mrs.)ReynoldsHousekeeper of Pemberley.
45(Mrs.)AnnesleyCompanion of Georgina.