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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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IntJason  Newspaper editor.
 Tricia  A poet.
1Christina  Tricia's older sister wants to study music at Washington U.
 Mary I  Christina's little sister.
 Greg  Tricia's father.
2Bubbles  A dancer.
 Mrs. FordTricia's parents' friend.
3Whimsy  A terrier.
 Paul l  Tricia's brother.
 Bacon  An olde English Bulldogge.
 Alice  A cat.
 Debbie  Woman in basement of the church who printed newsletter.
 Mary ll  Tricia's friend wrote about Emerson's transparent eyeball.
 Jamie  A showoff and a dancer.
 Elizabeth  Tricia's friend.
6Jon  A pharmacist. Mary's l husband.
 George  A parishioner.
7Dr. WeeWeeOne of the gynecologists.
 Dr. BosomOne of the gynecologists.
8Aria  Christina's daughter.
 Silver DildoA driver.
10Paul ll  Christina's husband.
 Wolfgang  Christina's oldest son.
 Serafina  Wolfgang's sister.
 John Paul  Wolfgang's brother.
 Gigi  John Paul's sister.
 Gabe  John Paul's brother.
 Brad  A teenage boy in the pool.
 Danielle  One of the girls wearing a bikini.
 Stephanie  A girl who is qualified as an actual bikini babe.
 Kevin  A teen boy who is indistinct in the crowd.
11Daniel  Tricia's youngest brother.
14Truenessia  Best singer in the choir.
 Patrick  A boy who was obsessed with his neighbor.
15Leonard  One of the candidates for the ordination.
 Dan  A candidate for ordination.
 Rex  Famous for giving a sermon.
 Gaston  A dungeon master.
16Etheldreda  Christina's newest baby.
 Barbie  A woman who wanted an abortion.
 Maria  A woman who was impregnated by a Lutheran church leader.
17Cassidy SenterA girl whose body was found wrapped in comforter.
 Billy  Formed youth group tiptoeing into suburbs at night & singing.
 Angela  Tricia's friend.
 Darrell  A handyman.
 Chuck  Darrell's boss.
19George LockwoodTricia's grandfather.
20Karen  Tricia's mother.