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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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ProGus Eben's sailplane teacher.
 Chuck A skydiver Eben had collision with in middle of the sky.
 EbenAlexander IIIA neurosurgeon. Protagonist and Narrator. Aka: Dr. A.
   NDE - Near Death Experience.
1HolleyAlexanderEben's wife.
 Vic Eben's college roommate Holley formerly dated.
 BillWilsonEben and Holley's bestfriend.
 PattyWilsonBill's wife. Eben and Holley's bestfriend.
 EbenAlexander IVEben and Holley's son.
 BondAlexanderEben and Holley's son.
   KPC - Klebsiella Pneumoniae Carbapenemase.
2LauraPotterFormer workmate. Physician when Eben was taken to ER.
3Dr. RobertBrennanOne of Laura's associates. Infectious diesease specialist.
4  CSF - Cerebrospinal Fluid.
   APACHE II - Acute physiology and chronic health evaluation.
 MichaelSullivanEben's neighbor. A rector in Episcopal Church.
 SylviaWhiteHolley's longtime friend.
 Betsy (1)AlexanderEben's youngest sister in his adoptive family.
 JeanAlexanderEben's oldest sister in his adoptive family.
 David Jean's husband.
6  MRI - Magnetic Resonance Image.
9HenryVaughanA 70th century Christian poet.
 BettyAlexanderEben's adoptive mother.
 EbenAlexander Jr.A neurosurgeon. Eben's adoptive father.
 DonaldMatsonEben Jr's classamate at Harvard.
 Dr. FrandD IngrahamThe last residents trained by Dr. Harvey.
 Dr. DavidL. KellyEben Jr's long-time partner.
11AnnMichaelEben's biological mother.
 RichardMichaelEben's biological father.
 KathyMichaelEben's biological sister.
 DavidMichaelEben's biological son.
 Dr. Crawford Ann's ob-gyne on her first child.
 VirginiaDareAnn's first child.
 Bob (1) Richard's brother.
 Bob (2) Richard's brother-in-law.
 Betsy (2) Eben's biological sister.
14AlbertEinsteinA theoretical Physicist.
15IsaacB. SingerAn American-Polish writer.
16SusanReinthesHolley's close friend.
17Dr. JayLoefflerFormer partner developing stereotatic radiosurgery program.
 SteveTatterEben's friend. A neurosurgeon.
19Peggy Eben's sister-in-law. Holley's sister.
 Robbie Betsy Alexander's husband.
 Kate Robbie and Betsy's daughter.
20PageSullivanMichael's wife.
21Dr. ScottWadeEben's main doctor.
25Jackie Holley's friend.
 Ron Jackie's husband.
28SorenKierkegardA Danish pilosopher.
29RaymondMoodyMedical student published a book called "Life after Life".
 GeorgeRitchieMan in Moody's book who had near death experience.
30HermanMelvilleAn American novelist.
 George Sussanna's late husband.
31JohnEcclesA neurophysiologist.
   REM - Rapid Eye Movement.
 John Eben's friend and colleague whom he visits after coma.
33ReneDescartesA French philosopher.
 WernerHeisenbergA 1920s Physicist.
 DavidChalmersThe author of the book called "The Brilliant Mind".
   TOE - Theory of Everything.
 WolfgangPauliOne of the fathers of Quantum Physics.
 NielsBohrOne of the fathers of Quantum Physics.
 ErwinSchrodingerOne of the fathers of Quantum Physics.
 JamesJeansOne of the fathers of Quantum Physics.
 RobertMonroeThe father of the Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia.
35ElisabethKubler-RossThe author of the book called "On Life After Death".
   Eternea - A nonprofit publicly supported charity Eben founded.
 JohnR. AudetteEben's colleague and friend. Eben's co-founder of Eternea.