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Elizabeth Robinson
& Jane Hale

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1: 1956ElizabethGuntherBernie Gunther's estranged wife
 BernhardGuntherNarrator, former German police officer. Aka Bernie, Bertolt Gründgens
 GDR Democratic Republic of Germany (East Germany)
 General ErichMielkeDeputy head of the Ministry of State Security (GDR, Stasi), former Nazi
 FRG Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany)
 HaroldHennigGerman spy killed by Bernie several months in the past
 AnnFrenchGerman spy implanted in Britain's MI5, framed by Bernie for Hennig's murder, Bernie's assigned murder target
 Stasi Ministry for State Security, secret police in GDR
 Kripo Abbreviation for Kriminalpolizei, criminal police investigation department in Nazi Germany
3FriedrichKorschFormer police colleague of Bernie's, one of Mielke's Stasi men who hangs Bernie but releases him just before he dies
4Karl 2nd of Mielke's Stasi officers who "hung" Bernie, aka "Gene Kelly"
6: 1939HeidiHobbinCommissioner of the Berlin police, aka Heidi the Horrible
 MaxMertenDistrict court councilor in Berlin
 Gen. ReinhardHeydrichGestapo head
 Hans-HendrikNeumannHeydrich's adjutant
 ArthurNebeBoss of the Kripo (abbrev. for Kriminalpolizei), criminal investigative department
 PaulWernerNebe's deputy, state prosecutor from Heidelburg
7MartinBormannHitler's deputy chief of staff
 ErnstGennatBernie's former mentor in the police, suffering from cancer
 AlbertBormannMartin's brother, another of Hitler's deputy chiefs of staff, chief of the Obersalzberg Chancellery
 HermanKaspelHeydrich's spy in Obersalzberg RSD
 RSD Hitler's personal security guard
 ErnstKaltenbrunnerHead of the SS & police in Austria, member of the Reichstag
 ElizabethKaltenbrunnerErnst's wife
 GiselaVon WestarpCountess thought to be having an affair with Kaltenbrunner
9MajorHöglKaspel's superior officer, deputy head of the RSD in Obersalzberg
11HildegardSteiningerBernie's former girlfriend in Berlin
 Dr. KarlFlexCivil engineer at the Berghof (Hitler's home) who was shot on the terrace
 Dr. KarlBrandtHitler's personal physician, an SS major
15BrunoSchenkFirst administrator of construction projects at Obersalzberg, section head of P & Z, Bormann's man who served compulsory purchase orders on Bertesgaten homes for Nazi officials
16ArthurKannenbergFormer Berlin restaurateur, house manager of the Berghof
 HansWeberLead engineer from P & Z construction company
 P & Z Polensky & Zollner construction co.
17FredaKannenbergArthur's wife
18AugustMichahettesEngineer, head of state construction bureau
19 WinkelhofButler at Villa Bechstein where Bernie is staying
20RolfMüllerLocal roofer in Berchtesgaden
23Lola Italian Jew who manages the house of prostitutes
24RudolfHessHitler's deputy Führer
26WilhelmBrücknerHitler's local adjutant in Obersalzberg
27Kehlstein Game & bird sanctuary
 JohannesGeigerGamekeeper/hunter at Landlerwald forest
 PeterHayerOrnithologist/beekeeper at Landlerwald
 UdoUmbrosAssistant hunter at Landlerwald
 JohannBrandnerLocal photographer in Berchtesgaden, sent to Dachau for resisting the sale of his property to the Nazis, later released
30GerdyTroostAdviser to Hitler on building, art & design, manager of her deceased husband Paul's architectural firm after his death in 1934
31HugoBrückmannGerman publisher, helped Bernhard Weiss & his wife escape Germany to Great Britain
 Dr. KarlWassersteinJewish ophthalmologist gone missing in Munich whom Gerdy wants Bernie to find
33Dr.WachterLawyer who rented garage space to Flex for his Maserati
34Joseph & KarlKraussExpert safecrackers, incarcerated in Munich's Stadelheim Prison
37JohannRattenhuberHead of the RSD, Högl's superior
42MaxAmannChairman of the Reich Media Chamber, published Hitler's Mein Kampf, 2nd signatory on Bormann's Swiss bank account
53JohanDiesbachOwner of a salt mining business, with a mine in Rennweg, lives in Kuchl
54FrauDiesbachJohan's wife
 BennoDiesbachJohan's son
55Pony Johan Diesbach's mistress in Munich
57WilhelmZanderOne of Bormann's aides, from Saarbrucken
 GotthardFarberOne of Bormann's aides
 Johan JacobDiesbachBerlin paint maker who invented the color Prussian blue in 1706
58Major HansGeschkeGestapo chief in Saarbrücken
 PaulaBergeJohan Diesbach's older sister in Homburg
59RichardWeberDirector of the Karlsberg Brewery in Homburg where Paula Berge worked
68AlbertBormannMartin's younger brother, chief of Main office, Hitler's private secretary
70: 1956AlbertSchlageterMember of Freikorps, anti-French saboteur in 1920s, executed after being denounced
 WalterKadowSchoolteacher, Freikorps member, accused Martin Bormann of raping his daughter, accused of betraying Schla-geter then killed by Bormann & Höss
 RudolfHössFreikorps member, former student of Kadow, friend of Bormann
  SchmidtFreikorps member, friend of Bormann, probably real betrayer of Schlageter
 GustavLandauerJewish communist in the Bavarian Socialist Republic, translated Shakespeare's works into German, killed in Stadelheim Prison in 1919