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Characters By Chapter
Ry Smith
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    Adam   Gopnik   Author.
    Martha   Gopnik   Adam's wife.
            Kepi - a French military cap with a flat top. Also warn by police.
            Insouciance - a casual lack of concern.
    Phillipe       Adam's cousin.
    Roland   Barthes   Adam's friend.
    Luke Auden   Gopnik   Gopnik's son. aka: Luca.
            Tetchily - easily irritated.
    Alain   Juppé   Prime Minister of France.
            Enarque - A graduate of the Ecole Nationale d'Administration.
            Keiretsu - an informal business group.
    Bruno   Cotte   Paris District Attorney.
            Banlieue - a suburb of a large city.
    Bernard   Thibault   Secretary General of the cheminots union.
    Nisha   Shaw   Babysitter. From Sri Lanka.
    Bernard-Herni   Lévy   Philosopher.
    Arielle   Dombasle   Lévy's wife.
            Carte de sejour - French residency card.
    M. Jerome   Meyssonier   Bank President.
    Viviane   Forrester   Author.
    Laurent   Joffrin   Editor of the publication - Libération.
    Nicole   Wisniak   Adam's friend at Egoiste Magazine.
    Phillipe   Starck   Product designer.
    Marie       Gopnik neighbor.
    Edouard       Gopnik neighbor.
    Mme.   Glardon   Pastry shop owner.
    Serge   Klarsfeld   Nazi hunter.
        Papon   Vichy functionary. On trial.
    Maurice   Sabatier   Papon's boss.
    Maitre   Varant   Papon's lawyer.
    Philippe   Seguin   Gaullist party leader.
            Metier - an honest trade or profession.
    André Leon   Talley   Fashion Editor
    Honor   Fraser   Clothes model. English. (see Links for view)
    Olivier   Lapidus   Clothes designer. Known for solar-paneled jacket.
    Christian   Lacroix   Clothes designer.
    Karen   Mulder   Clothes model. (see Links for view)
    David   Angelot   Arpége Restaurant worker.
    Alain   Passard   Arpége chef.
    Pascal   Barbot   Arpége sous chef.
    Antonin   Careme   First great cook.
    Augiste   Escoffier   Famous cook.
    Eugenio   Donato   Adam's friend. A food expert.
            Mille-feuille - a rich desert.
    Jean-Philippe   Derenne   Food author.
    Francis   Desarthis   Chief Puppeteer.
        Deloudre   The Balzar Restaurant part owner.
        Bucher   The Balzar Restaurant primary owner.
    Lorenzo   Valentin   Leader of group to "save" the Balzar.
    Alice   Waters   Owner Chez Panisse Restaurant in Berkeley, CA.
    Helene   David-Weill   Director Musee des Arts Decoratif at the Louvre.
    Christian   David   Le Grand Vefour maitre d'.
    Dr. Pierre   Bitoun   Luke's pedeatrician.
    Swimmy       The school goldfish.
    Agnes       Gopnik's Paris friend.
    Richard       Gopnik's Paris friend.
    Claude   Blanchot   Another Save Balzar leader.
    J.P.   Quélin   Le Monde food critic.
    Olivia Esmé   Gopnik   Gopnik's daughter.
    Cresida       Luke's friend. A girl.
    Ada       Cresida's friend.