A BRIEF AFFAIR by Alex Miller
Characters - Alphabetical
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Jargal (Professor)BatuFran's affair in Hefei, China.
EleniBayerJoseph's dying wife. Previous inmate of the lunatic asylum which was later renamed Caloola Mental Hospital.
JosephBayerElderly (60's), hand man/gardener at old mental hospital which is now the Sunbury Campus.
AllisonBrownColleague at Sunbury Campus.
MrCoolHead gardener who adopted Joseph. Scottish immigrant from Scotland.
CynthiaCousinsColleague at Sunbury Campus.
Fran (Frances)Egan42 yr old head lecturer at School of Management, Sunbury Campus of a Melbourne university. Lives on small farm near Newstead.
MargieGreenFran's teenage daughter.
Tom (Thomas)GreenFran's husband.
Tommy (Little)GreenFran's young son.
PheobeLyonsColleague at Sunbury Campus.
DiedreMacklenWife of Michael Rowland.
JesseMcDonaldAn older friend/lover of Valerie. Committed suicide.
JospehineMuntz-AdamsPortrait painter of Valerie Sommers
NadiaPetrovicSunbury Campus facilities manager.
Claire PollardColleague at Sunbury Campus.
Michael (Professor)RowlandLecturer at Bendigo Campus of La Trobe University.
CarlosSkanderDean of Studies.
Arthur (Honourable Sir)SommersChief Justice of the High Court of Australia.
PhillipaSommersSister of Arthur, aunt to Valerie.
ValerieSommers31 yr old privileged patient at Caloola Mental Hospital.
MrStoneSupervisor at Caloola Mental Hospital.
SedaTateossianColleague at Sunbury Campus.
EricThorntonLecturer at Sunbury Campus.
InaTurnerFran's elderly neighbour, lives alone with dog, goats and orchard.
JimTurnerDeceased husband of Ina.
William (Dr)Vincent-SinclairCaloola's Chief psychiatrist and friend of Sir Arthur Sommers.
Demeter Valerie's dog.
Jenny Joseph's little white terrier (dog).
Marion (Sister) Told Valerie of Jesse's suicide.
Penny Fran's best friend.
Saira Skaander's secretary.
Sally Director's dog.
Sanjeev Colleague at Sunbury Campus.
Toby Valerie's dog.
William Margie's English boyfriend.