DAY'S END by Garry Disher
Characters - Alphabetical
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InspectorAlwinPort Pirie Inspector.
PeteAronsonUltra light pilot of aerial photography.
HedleyBastianVikki's father.
VikkiBastianMid 20's yr old teacher at Tiverton Primary School.
SergeantBrandleSergeant in charge of Redruth police station.
RodBrewsterRedruth airstrip manager.
DarylCobbLaura's younger brother.
LauraCobbSole caretaker for bipolar mother.
DetectiveComynPort Pirie Detective.
InspectorCottrellMid-40's yr old Australian Federal Police Inspector.
Sam & MiaDrydenOwners of Dryden Downs cattle & sheep station.
CathyDuigan 34 yr old vetinary and local Justice of the Peace.
RoseElliotTiverton resident.
JanetFanningDeceased wife of Russ Fanning.
NoahFanningTeenage son of Russ and Janet Fanning.
RussFanningGrazier (Wildu Station Merino Stud) who restored the contentious ground carved 'Eagle' below Desolation Hill.
InspectorGaddisInternal Investigations.
MartinaGolosFormer owner of Jake's Holden station wagon.
MartinaGolosDamien Pierce's Aunt.
ScottGreigCaterer at Evergreen Aged Care Facility in Redruth. Ex-boyfriend of Vikki Bastian. Friend of Petra.
MrHeffernanResident at Evergreen Aged Care.
DavidHillcockBrenda's boyfriend.
TobyHillcock18 month old son of Brenda and David. A.k.a. Tobes.
Paul (Constable)HirschhausenTiverton policeman. A.k.a Hirsch a.k.a. Sunshine.
StephanieIngrama.k.a. Auntie Steph. Elder and social worker who runs the Ngadjuri Centre for Indigenous people.
EdKlineItinerant workers, victims of real estate scam.
EllyKlineEd's wife.
JeanLandyNew Constable at Redruth police station.
JackLaurieRedruth High School student.
JeanetteLaurieJack's mother.
MrsLidstromTiverton resident.
BrendaMaherJacob's mother.
JacobMaherCar thief, shoplifter. A.k.a. Jake.
GordonMannix60's yr old, operates Redruth Cinema.
HeatherMannix60's yr old, operates Redruth Cinema.
BarryMcGainDryden Downs station cook.
ScottMcInnesMining transport driver.
HarrietMcLeanManager at Evergreen Aged Care.
AliceMcNamaraYoungest step-daughter of David, Jacob's girlfriend.
ZoeMcNamaraDavid's stepdaughter. Alice's sister.
TimMedlinNew Constable at Redruth police station.
CodyMortonBob's ex-apprentice.
BobMuirTiverton electrician and volunteer country fireman.
YvonneMuirBob's wife.
Denise (Sergeant)NitkinInternal Investigations.
MrOsmakPetra's grandfather.
PetraOsmakMid-20 yr old, auxiliary support staffer at Redruth police station.
TinaPanten (Callan)50 yr old unmarried widow of Ken Panton.
DamienPearceVictim in the suitcase.
EdPickettRetired Redruth police officer.
KeithPierceDeceased father of Damien Pierce.
Sandali (Doctor)PillaiSri Lankan Redruth Doctor, holds Friday clinics in Tiverton.
EileenPitcherGemma's mother.
GemmaPitcherWorks in the shop.
TonyPittRedruth High School student.
MrsReidTiverton resident.
WesStragan50's year old long-distance delivery driver and anti-vaxxer, husband of Jill.
JillStragenWes's wife, pro-vaxxer.
KateStreetWendy's teenage daughter. A.k.a Katie.
WendyStreetTeacher at Redruth High School.
EdTennantShopkeeper of Tiverton's general store.
EveTillingWilli's girlfriend, also missing.
DuncanTodiscoQueensland Police Senior Constable.
Janne (Dr.)Van SantCame from Belgium to look for missing son. Forensics expert.
WilliVan SantMissing son of Janne Van Sant.
NanWashburnPresident of Country Women's Association (CWA).
Auntie Rose Indigenous elder.
Cyril  Dog at Brenda Maher's house.
Uncle Doug Indigenous elder.