Characters - Alphabetical
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DanielAtaniGym owner and personal trainor.
AngelaAvery33 yr old journalist writing lifestyle articles for newspaper's weekend magazine, living in Newcastle. A.k.a. Bree McMahon.
SamuelBatesFormer employee of geotechnical firm.
OliverBibleFormer inmate at the Hunter Valley prison.
MichaelBruinGoldie's former landlord.
Leo (Detective)Castelli54 yr old Detective Sergeant, Callan's partner.
Amy (Detective)ChuHomicide Detective, partnered with Durham.
JimDavisSenior engineer at geotechnical firm.
KentDurhamSydney Homicide Squad Detective Senior Sergeant. Former colleague of Callan.
Patrick (Constable)JarvisLocal uniformed police constable from Waratah Police Station.
NikhitaKumariForensic Pathologist.
KokoMannersSkin Care Clinic owner and client of Atani.
Marigold (Goldie)MartinMid 20's young lawyer at Newbury Nelson law firm. Nicola's flatmate.
Estelle (Detective)MearesDetective Constable at Newcastle Police Station.
Tommy (Thomas)MintonMaurie's chauffeur and Tempest family gardener.
BrockNelsonCurrent principal partner at Newbury Nelson law firm.
HiltonNewburyFounder and Retired Senior Partner at Newbury Nelson law firm.
Callan (Detective)O'Connor42 yr old Detective Senior Sergeant at Newcastle Police Station.
ClaireO'ConnorCallan's ex-wife, mother of Miles, wheelchair bound stroke victim, living with Greg and Jan.
MilesO'ConnorCallan's 12 yr old son.
LarsonPorterNewspaper photographer working with Angela.
InspectorRadcliffeInspector at Newcastle Police Station.
Benjamin (Ben)ReidVisual artist, muralist, master forger and inmate at the Hunter Valley prison. Paints under the name of Kieran Stewart.
BevReid65 yr old Office Manager at Newbury Nelson law firm.
NicolaSellersMid 20's young lawyer at Newbury Nelson law firm. Goldie's flatmate.
Nerida (Detective)SterlingDetective Sergeant, former colleague of Callan.
Edward (Justice)StilesSupreme Court Justice, colleague of Maurie.
MirandaStilesWife of Eddie Stiles
StephenSurreyCarmen's colleague at same conference.
Riley (Detective)TaylorDetective with the Gang Squad.
Carmen (Dr)TempestPsychologist, wife of Maurice Tempest. A.k.a Carrie.
JadeTempestDaughter of Carmen and Maurice.
JeremyTempestSon of Maurice and Carrie. Lectures in law at New South Wales University.
Maurice (Justice)TempestLate 60's yr old Supreme Court Judge. A.k.a. Maurie
Zara (Constable)ThorntonLocal uniformed police constable.
GregWellenCallan's Father-in-Law and Miles grandfather.
JanWellenClaire's mother.
Barry Man with knowledge of search area.
C.J. Angela's female black and brown kelpie-collie cross dog.
Eloise Angela's sister.
Frankie Miles' school mate.
Hamish Drone operator for police.
Helen Geotechnical company employee.
Viola Editor of Angela's Newspaper.