Characters - Alphabetical
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FelicityAdamsA piece goods shop owner. Isobel's new employer.
Mrs.BatchelderA book shop owner.
TheodoreBatholomewThe man who wants to see Edward.
GeorgeBurroughsOne of the prisoners who was accused of witchcraft.
SarahCloyceOne of the prisoners who was accused of witchcraft.
SarabethCranfordA shop owner. Mrs. Silas's friend.
ArthurDimmsdaleHester's lover.
DianeEnglishOne of Isobel's clients.
MaryEnglishPhillip's wife.
PhillipEnglishA man who was accused of witchcraft.
KyleFellowshipThe man who brought Mercy's grandma to Salem.
HarryForbesThe reverend.
MargaretForbesThe reverend's wife.
EdwardGambleIsobel's husband.
Isobel 2 GambleMargaret's daughter.
MargaretGambleIsobel and Nat's daughter.
CatherineGloverThe protagonist in "The Fair Maid Of Perth" book.
DorcasGoodWilliam's daughter.
SarahGoodOne of the accused of witchcraft.
WilliamGoodSarah's husband.
IsobelGowdieThe girl accused of witchcraft. Isobel's ancestor.
John GilbertGowdieIsobel's husband.
Dr.GriggsParris's doctor.
JohnHaleOne of the reverends. Samuel's colleague.
SarahHaleThe town's editor.
EbeHawthorneNat's sister.
LouiseHawthorneNat's sister.
NathanielHawthorneThe man Isobel falls in love with. AKA: Nat.
WilliamHawthorneA Major in Salem.
Nathaniel Hawthorne 2Nat's ancestor.
SallyHigginsThe owner of the cottage where Isobel stayed.
CharlesHillsboroughCharlotte's son.
BettyHubbardOne of the girls who was cursed by the witch.
JohnIndianTituba's husband.
ElizabethManning-HawthorneNat's mother.
SusannaMartinOne of the prisoners who was accused of witchcraft.
CottonMatherOne of the reverends.
JamieMcAllisterIsobel's brother.
MargaretMcAllisterIsobel's mother.
SeamusMcAllisterIsobel's father.
Isobel (1)McAllister-GambleProtagonist and Narrator.
IsaacNewhallAn importer.
RebeccaNurseOne of the prisoners who was accused of witchcraft.
WidowOsborneOne of the accused of witchcraft.
BettyParrisSamuel's daughter.
ElizabethParrisSamuel's wife.
SamuelParrisThe reverend.
HesterPrynneThe protagonist in Nat's book.
AnnPutnamOne of the settlers.
JohnRemondA colored caterer. A respectable and rich man in Salem.
Mrs.RemondJohn's wife.
NancyRemondJohn's daughter.
Mr.SaulThe Custodian of the hall.
MarySibleyOne of the villagers.
HenrySilasThe Captain who brought the Japanese Kimono.
Mrs.SilasHenry's wife.
CharlotteSilas-HillsboroughHenry's daughter.
ElizabethSouthwickOne of Isobel's clients.
AbigailWilliamsOne of the girls who was cursed by the witch.
Abigail Mrs. Adam's shop cutter.
Abraham Mercy's son.
Aileen Isobel's aunt.
Anne Isobel's new needling partner.
Charles The current King.
Clara Isobel's new friend.
Darling Edward's companion. The boat captain.
Derby A Salem Captain.
Dwyer A Tambour shop owner.
Eilidh Margaret's aunt.
Eveline The undertaker's wife.
Gille Isobel Gowdie's new husband.
Ginny One of the women who admire Isobel's work.
Ingo Capt. Darling's first mate.
Isobel (2) Isobel's grandmother.
Ivy Mercy's daughter.
James Isobel's uncle.
Joseph The undertaker.
Lily One of Isobel's clients.
MacGregor One of the Marshalls.
Mary Rose Isobel's step-sister.
Mercy Zeke's cousin. Ingo's wife.
Nell Mrs. Silas's maid.
Noreen Margaret's friend.
Pearl Hester and Arthur's daughter.
Sophia Nat's wife.
Stephen Nell's fiancĂ©.
Tituba The sea island woman whom Parris brought north from Barbados.
Virginia Isobel's new friend.
Willy Margaret Gamble's son.
Zeke The wharf runner.