IF I SURVIVE YOU by Jonathan Escoffery
Characters - Alphabetical
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PaulBogleOne of Jamaica's national heroes.
JohnBrownThe sheriff.
FidelCastroThe Cuban leader.
AlvaroFernandezThe tenant who run dominoes daily in the cafiteria.
LeonardoFernandezAlvaro's brother.
Mr.GarciaTrelawny's science teacher.
MarcusGaveyOne of Jamaica's national heroes.
LeeGreenwoodA singer-songwriter.
ElJefeTrelawny's boss.
Mr.LeibnitzThe tenant who committed suicide.
NormanManleyFormer Chief Minister of Jamaica.
Ms.MannA resident at Tim's condo.
LenoxMartinCuckie's father. Aka: Ox.
CukiePantonTrelawny's cousin.
DaphnePantonSanya's sister.
Mrs.PantonSanya's mother.
MildaPerezOne of the tenants. A tenant with a dementia.
BlackRobMikey's colleague.
CarlosRodriguezTrelawny's high school schoolmate.
EdwardSeagaPrime Minister of Jamaica.
Mr.St-PierreThe guard that Trelawny met.
Andrew The hurricane.
Betty A friend of Jelly's mother.
Bob The head of faculty. Trelawny's boss.
Brandon Delano and Shelly-Anne's son.
Busha Delano's drummer.
Caitlyn Trelawny's Chinese-American friend.
Camille Delano's co-vocalist.
Chastity Trelawny's employer.
Cherie One of Topper's girls.
Delano Trelawny's brother.
Eliana Tina's colleague.
Gabriella Shiela's friend. One of Trelawny's ex-lovers.
Genevieve Happy's daughter. Aka: Genie.
Gilbert The hurricane that devastated Jamaica.
Hadyn Delano's 2nd son.
Happy The Marina's manager.
Jelly Trelawny's girlfriend.
Jerome The security at Ms. Mann's condo.
Jodie Topper's helper.
Jorge One of Nordic's workers.
Julius Cukie and Lianne's son.
Justin The man at the bar Trelawny met.
Kate The girl Trelawny dated.
Katrina The hurricane in Miami.
Lauren Trelawny's former fling.
Lianne Cukie's middle school crush and wife.
Linda A friend of Jelly's mother.
Michael(2) Topper's uncle.
Mikey Delano's former workmate.
Morgan One of Trelawny's employer.
Neya Sheila and Trelawny's friend.
Nikolina The applicant.
Nordic Delano's business partner.
Osvaldo Trelawny's classmate.
Paulo Sandy's manager.
Reyha One of Topper's girls.
Roy A fisherman.
Rusty The man Delano owes money.
Sadie One of Delano's girls.
Sandy Delano's former employer.
Sanya Trelawny and Delano's mother.
Saskia One of the tenants.
Seema Trelawny and Delano's grandmother.
Sheila Trelawny's friend.
Shelly-Anne Delano's wife.
Sintra Ox's girlfriend.
Steven Zoe's cousin.
Tim Morgan's boyfriend.
Tina The property manager.
Topper Trelawny and Delano's father. Aka: Christopher.
Trelawny Protagonist.
Vladimir One of the tenants.
Zoe Trelawny's girlfriend.