Characters - Alphabetical
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DonAttilioThe majority owner of the shipping company.
Pietro BakerOne of the dealers.
PietroBasaniThe new administrator of the madhouse.
DonatellaBorelliFerdinando's wife.
GaetanoCatalanoA lawyer.
JudgeCatalanoGaetano's father.
MarioCatalanoGaetano's son.
PaoloCatalanoGaetano's son.
VeraCatenaDante's mother. Matteo's niece.
FerdinandoCellaGaetano's friend.
Pietro CobblerOne of the dealers.
MarioCow CheeseA cheese maker.
AlfredoD' AntonioA cheese maker. The last Jew in Sicily.
AnnalisaD' AntonioAlfredo's sister.
GianlucaD' AntonioAlfredo's mother.
PieriD' AntonioAlfredo's father.
AttiloD' OlivaCristiano's father.
CristianoD' OlivaAttilo and Luisella's son.
BaronDi GuilioA businessman.
ClaudioDi MoroThe man who kidnapped Dante.
GiovanniDi ToloThe first baby who was baptized that year.
FatherDiGregorioThe junior priest.
BaronDiMarcoBaron Zito's friend.
LuiselaDonatoCristiano's mother.
DonatoDonutsAlfredo's friend.
FrancoFiorvantiThe manager of Lemon Grove.
RobertoFiorvantiFranco's twin.
DonFulvioGaetano's colleague.
RenzoGentiliA madhouse guard. AKA: One-Eye.
Pietro HayOne of the dealers.
DonLeonardoGaetano's colleague.
AdamoMichaelangeliDante's father.
DanteMichaelangeliThe kidnap victim.
BaronMoravioBaron Zito's friend.
GuidoOnionThe man who runs the farm stand.
GustavoPancariMafalda's husband. AKA: Turi.
LuciaPancariMafalda's baby. Dante's lover. AKA: Monster.
MafaldaPancariA mother from the village of Porticello.
CarminePrizziGaetano's friend and fellow member.
ArturoProvenzanoGabrielle's grandson.
GabrieleProvenzanoBruna's killer.
Raving KingRogerOne of the lunatics at the madhouse.
OperaSingerOne of the lunatics at the madhouse.
BaronTedescoOne of Matteo's clients.
AntoniaTintoCarlo's mother.
SimonaTozziOne of Alfredo's customers.
DonUgoOne of Gaetano's colleagues.
MatteoVigillianoA local nobleman. Gaetano's boss.
Carlo ZarellaKidnapped.
LorenzoZarellaCarlo's father.
BaronZitoVioletta's father.
Agostino One of Tonelli's workers.
Alberto Gaetano's neighbor.
Angelina Matteo's wife.
Anna Francesco's wife.
Arabo Baron Zito's horse.
Augusto The former madhouse guard.
Baker Gaetano's cellmate.
Bartolomeo The other associate at Gaetano's firm.
Beatrice Alfredo's donkey.
Bella One of Alfredo's goats.
Benvolio The priest.
Big Nose One of the lunatics at the madhouse.
Biter One of the lunatics at the madhouse.
Bruna Roberto's wife.
Casagrandi The priest.
Caterina One of the widows.
Concetta Mafalda's best friend.
Coniglio The police superintendent.
Constantino Dante's co-worker.
Daniele One of the young miners.
Davide Baron Zito's son.
Egidia Alberto's wife.
Elvira Franco's wife.
Esposito Di Guilio's housekeeper.
Ezio Franco's farmhands.
Fabiano One of Turi's colleagues. Deceased.
Faustino The Bartender.
Flora One of Alfredo's goats.
Franca Lucia's best friend.
Francesco The man that Mafalda met.
Ginevra One of Alfredo's goats.
Guiseppe Concetta's husband.
Leo One of Turi's colleagues. Deceased.
Liliana One of the widows.
Manfreddi One of Gaetano's colleagues.
Marconi Gaetano's doctor.
Maria Gaetano's wife.
Mariana One of the widows.
Mariano Franco's co-farmers.
Mauro One of Franco's men.
Michele Baron DiGuilo's men.
Nenella Violetta's friend. Baron Zito's kitchenmaid.
Niall One of Baron Zito's men.
Nicolina One of Mafalda's neighbors.
Onorato Franco's co-farmers.
Patrizio Roberto and Bruna's son.
Petra Mafalda's mother-in-law.
Pino One of Don Bruno's workers.
Pox A prisoner.
Rosselli The policeman.
Salvo Francesco and Anna's son.
Scales Renzo's co-kidnaper. AKA: Enrico Tonelli.
Sebastiano Franco's farmhands.
Sofia The Catalano's cook.
Stefano Nicolina's husband.
Teresa Renzo's wife. The madhouse nurse.
Valentina One of Alfredo's goats.
Vergenti The madhouse doctor.
Violetta Franco's girlfriend.