Characters - Alphabetical
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MsCockburnOne of Ev's high school teachers.
CarolineDavisWoman passenger on the train.
Ev (Evelyn)Greene33 yr old Secondary school history teacher (ex-lawyer).
CarmenLaingAl's deceased teenage romance.
AdamLancasterSchoolmate of teenage Nathan.
LauraMcFarlaneSchoolmate of teenage Nathan.
GerryMcManusHelen's second husband.
JustinMcPhersona.k.a. Fred. Claire's fellow student at law school.
AlNazari40s yr old Senior Digital Producer, partner of Claire.
JohnNoblePartner in law firm Strong, King and Noble.
MarnieNobleJohn's wife.
HelenParkinsonEnvironmental lawyer. Gerry's wife.
ScottReynoldsSchoolmate of teenage Nathan.
JamesRowlandSchoolmate of teenage Nathan.
KaiSaundersYear 10 high school student in Ev's class.
PattiSaundersExecutive assistant at law firm Strong, King and Noble.
AnitaSimmonsJason's mother.
JasonSimmonsAl's teenage schoolmate. Carmen's boyfriend.
GideonStrongPartner in law firm Strong, King and Noble.
AnnieWoodwardNathan's 35 yr old wife. (nee Richards).
BobWoodwardNathan's father.
CherieWoodwardNathan's mother.
FranWoodwardNathan's older sister. Tess's partner.
NathanWoodwardLawyer. Annie's husband. Son of Bob Woodward.
 WoodwardDeceased young boy (2 yr old). Choked at a birthday party.
Alex Nathan's assistant.
Bec ?
Belinda One of Bob's 'younger woman' affair's.
Bibi Al and Zahra's grandmother
Christine Ev's mother.
Claire Al's partner. Lawyer working at Strong, King and Noble law firm.
Crunchie Al and Claire's cat.
Danny Al's Pub friend.
Dida Claire's grandfather.
Ed Claire's previous boyfriend.
Emily Ev's 34 yr old new girlfriend.
Greg Christine's partner.
Gwen One of Bob's 'younger woman' affair's.
Hadi Al's father.
Janine Claire's work colleague. Ed's fiancĂ©.
Javeed Al and Zahra's younger brother, Al's cousin.
Jenny One of Bob's 'younger woman' affair's.
Jess Ev's therapist.
Justin Ev's brother.
Katrina Al's work colleague.
Laila Al's Aunty, undergoing chemotherapy. Mother of Zahra and Javeed.
Lucy One of Bob's 'younger woman' affair's.
Lydia Nathan's neighbor.
Marcus Previous boyfriend of Ev
Martha Housekeeper for Bob and Cherie Woodward.
Navid Al's Uncle, husband of Laila.
Nikola Claire's cousin.
Queenie Ev's head of department.
Ruby Ruby's daughter.
Sandy Annie's mother.
Tess Fran's partner.
Zahra Al's cousin.