Characters - Alphabetical
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CharlesAuleTeddy's new partner. AKA: Chuck.
Dr.AxelrodA psychologist.
FredBakerThe kid that Teddy helped.
PeterBreeneOne of the patients.
Dr.BrotiganThe neurosurgeon.
JohnCawleyThe institution's chief of staff.
MargaretCawleyDr. Cawley's wife. AKA: Peggy.
DoloresChanalTeddy's wife. Deceased. AKA: Linda Cox.
NikosCostaThe boat owner.
EdwardDanielsProtagonist. A U.S. Marshall. AKA: Teddy.
BobbyFarrisThe warden at Renton.
KenGageOne of the patients.
Mr.GantonThe head of orderly.
FrankieGordonAnother sergeant from Intel.
LeonoraGrantOne of the patients.
VincentGryceA patient who kills all of his relatives.
BridgetKaernsThe patient who killed his own husband.
AndrewLaeddisThe mystery patient.
DanielLaeddisAndrew's son. Deceased.
EdwardLaeddisAndrew's son. Deceased.
RachelLaeddisAndrew's daughter. Deceased.
BibbyLuceTrey's roommate.
KerryMarinoOne of the nurses.
GlenMigaOne of the orderlies.
MaggieMoonpieThe patient who has a scar in her throat.
JeremiahNaehringDr. Cawley's colleague.
GeorgeNoyceThe patient that Teddy beat.
GilRestakA fisherman.
LesterSheehanThe head of the therapy session.
JamesSolandoRachel's husband. AKA: Jim.
RachelSolandoThe missing patient.
ColonelSpiveyThe owner of the "Great Room".
JulieTaketomiChuck's wife.
ArthurToomeyOne of the patients.
TootieVicelliThe soldier that Teddy served with in the army.
PaulVingisThe patient who killed his brother's wife and kids.
DorishWalshThe first test patient.
TreyWashingtonOne of the orderlies.
Mr.WillisThe institution's admin.
Al One of Dr. Cawley's men.
Ben One of the orderlies.
Byron One of the wardens.
Emily A nurse.
Harry The institution's facilitator.
Hurly The senator.
Litchfield One of the patients.
Marie Cawley's ex-lover.
Mcpherson A deputy warden.
Willy One of the patients.