Characters - Alphabetical
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CyrusBallardMartha's mute son.
DollyBallardOne of Martha's daughters.
DorothyBallardOne of Martha's dead daughters.
EphraimBallardMartha's youngest son.
HannahBallardMartha's daughter.
JonathanBallardOne of Martha's sons.
LucyBallardMartha's oldest married daughter.
MarthaBallardNarrator and protagonist.
Martha 2 BallardOne of Martha's dead daughters.
TripheneBallardOne of Martha's dead daughters.
EphraimBallard Sr.Martha's husband.
HannahBarkerAccused of slandering.
RachelBlossomOne of the villagers.
PeggyBridgeOne of the villagers.
JacobChandlerThe father of the dead baby.
Mrs.ChandlerJacob's wife.
BetsyClarkMartha's patient.
CharlesClarkBetsy's husband.
MaryClarkCharles's daughter.
SamuelColemanA store owner.
Dr.ConyA doctor.
JohhnCowanApprentice of Betsy's husband.
BillyCraneThe man who was hanged to death. Martha's rapist.
NathanCushingOne of the Supreme Court Judges.
FrancisDanaOne of the Supreme Court Judges.
SamDawinJonathan's colleague.
RuthEmeryOne of the women who delivered a dead baby.
IsaacFosterRebecca's husband. The pastor.
RebeccaFosterThe woman that Col. North raped.
TripheneHartwellMartha's first patient.
Mrs.HendricksGrace's mother.
ElspethHorneThe former midwife. Martha's boss.
JohnHubbardWood's fellow judges.
HenryJacksonThe town's barber.
MayKimbleSam's fiancé.
HenryKnowlandThe defense lawyer. Col. North's lawyer.
BarnabasLambardThe officer of the court.
MillyLambardThe girl that Nathaniel allegedly raped.
JohanahMeloneyThomas's sister.
ThomasMeloneyThe defendant.
DorothyMooreMartha's mother.
Mr.MooreMartha's father.
Mrs.NeyThe Robbins's housekeeper.
PollyNobleThe complainant.
JosephNorthA colonel and a judge. AKA: Col. North.
LidiaNorthCol. North's wife.
BenjaminPageThe new doctor.
MelodyPageDr. Page's wife.
Robert TreatPaineA founding member of the Pennsylvania Abolition Society.
EllenParkerSeth's wife.
JamesParkerWood's fellow judges.
SethParkerOne of the men who cuts Joshua from the ice. Martha's lawyer.
BonniePierceSally's mother.
SallyPierceThe Foster's helper.
WilliamPierceSally's father.
AbigailPollardAmos's wife.
AmosPollardMoses's father. The Mayor.
MatthewPollardThe stable boy.
MosesPollardAmos's son.
JacobRettonHenry's customer.
ChandardRobbinsA drunkard.
ChandlerRobbinsEliza's husband.
ElizaRobbinsChandler's wife.
ThomasRobbinsChandler and Eliza's son.
Mr.SavageThe man who informs Martha about Rebecca's rape case.
HenrySewallThe town's clerk.
DavidSewellGrace's husband.
GraceSewellMartha's patient.
ClarissaStoneMr. Stone's daughter.
IncreaseSumnerOne of the Supreme Court Judges.
AaronTownLucy's husband.
JamesWallOne of the Mayor's men. A captain.
HenryWarrenThe Major. Sarah's fiance.
NathanielWhitakerThe defendant.
AliceWhiteSarah's mother.
SarahWhiteOne of Martha's neighbors.
ObadiahWoodA physician. One of the judges.
Brutus Martha's horse.
Bucket Martha's old horse.
Catherine Amos and Abigail's daughter.
Charlotte Sarah's daughter.
Cicero Col. North's dog.
Cloudy David's son.
Doctor Martha's friend.
Emmeline Rebecca's daughter.
Hittu The Doctor's daughter.
Nathan The dead baby.
Paul Clarissa's lover.
Percy Ephraim's falcon.
Sampson Charles Clark's draft horse.
Sterling One of Martha's horses.
Tempest Martha's fox.
Walter Elspeth's grandson.
William A US Judge.