by Jennifer McMahen

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Characters - Alphabetical
Kim Feagler
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 Aggie & PhilOwners of Hay Barn Antiques
DickyBarnesLives in old hotel. Grew up in Hartsboro but left when he was 16 to join the rodeo and returned around the age of 30 when he kept getting injured
FrankBarnesDicky's father who disappeared in the woods after seeing an albino deer
MaggieBiancoJane's coworker
CandeceBishkoffNeighbor and childhood friend of Hattie, but she was at hanging
HuckBishkoffHusband of Candece and father of Lucy, at hanging
LouiseBishkoffMarty's wife
LucyBishkoffDaughter of Candece that died is school fire
MartyBishkoffCandace's grandson - Uncle Fred's Smokehouse
TonyBishkoffWorks at Uncle Fred's Smokehouse (maybe son or grandson of Marty)
TrooperBouchierOfficer that responded to the 911 call from Helen and Nate
PeterBoyskoWorks at lumber yard and helped look for Jane, at hanging
HattieBreckenridgeCould hear voices from plants, animals, and the wind. Could tell the future and was hanged by townspeople.
JamesBreckenridgeJane's Father
Jane BreckenridgeRan away into woods when townspeople came for her for starting fire at local school, died in fire at Donovan & Sons Warehouse
LilaBreckenridgeHattie's mother
SylviaCarsonBartender at Rosey's and Lori's best friend
TomChanceyJane's Forman at warehouse
MildredCoxJane's coworker
RobertCraysonWorks at the general store and was at hanging. Asked Hattie if she had any last words and asked her to tell them where the money is.
EddieDecrowWife of George, almost drowned in the bog but was pulled out by George. She had brain damage and never regained conscience and died.
GeorgeDecrowOwned land that Helen and Nate bought. Too old to travel to closing so his attorney did it for him
BenyFultonBoy who died in school fire
ElizaGreySamuel's Mother
GloriaGreyAnn and Samuel's daughter
JasonGreyAnn and Samuel's son
SamuelGreyAnn's Husband
 JenkinsEnglish Teacher at Olive's school
DustyKissnerOlive's Father
DustyKissnerHoward and Margaret (Parents)
OliveKissner14 years old, skips school a lot, outcast, looking for treasure that Lucy supposedly hid
RileyKissnerOlive's aunt, Mike's older sister, very involved with Olive
BarbaraKleinWalter's wife and mother to Lawrence
LawrenceKleinBoy who died in school fire
LawrenceKleinBoy who died in school fire
WalterKlinLawrence's father at hanging
MarvinMardsenHusband to Mary Ann
Mary AnnMardsenHartsboro Historical Society
WilliamMarshAnn and Sam's neighbors
 MillerFamily that took in Jane
PennyStrombergAnn and Sam's neighbors
HelenWetherellMarried to Nate, middle school history teacher, bought land in Hartsboro, Vermont to build new house after father passed away
NateWetherellMarried to Helen, middle school science teacher, bought land in Hartsboro, Vermont to build new house
MargaretWhitcombAnn's Stepmother
MarieWhitcombMark and Sarah's daughter
MarkWhitcombJane and Silas' son
RebeccaWhitcombMark and Sarah's daughter
SilasWhitcombJanes's husband
StacyWhitcombMark and Sarah's daughter
AnnWhitcomb (Grey)Jane and Silas' daughter
Sarah SharpeWhitcomb (Sharpe)Mark's wife
Amanda Olive and and Lori's hairdresser
Ben Boy who died in school fire
Brendan Works at Ferguson's. Spreading rumors that Helen is a witch
Duane Owner of Ridge View Plumbing & Heating, friend of Riley's
Jenny Helen's life long best friend in Connetticut, married to Richard
Mike 14 years old, only friend of Olive, outcast
Peter Friend of Nate that works full-time as a blogger
Richard Married to Jenny and are best friends to Helen and Nate
Skylar Tattoo artist that gave Riley most of her tattoos
Sylvia Bartender at Rosey's and Lori's best friend
Val Mike's aunt, mother's sister who drowned before Mike was born.