by Jonathan Kaufman

Characters - Alphabetical
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JacobAlcokElly's acquaintance.
theodoreAlexanderA Berlin refugee who worked for Victor Sassoon.
JacobAlkowA Jewish leader.
W. H.AudenAnglo-American poet.
EvelynBarnesAn American nurse.
VickiBaumAn Austrian writer.
FrederickBeerA German tycoon. Rachel's husband.
MichaelBlumenthalFormer U.S. treasury secretary.
Jose PedroBragaA Portuguese immigrant.
WarrenBuffettAmerican investor.
JamesCallaghanFormer Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
SylviaChancellorA British resident of Shanghai who criticized Victor Sassoon.
CharlieChaplinAn English comic actor.
LeungChikHorace's new gardener.
WinstonChurchillFormer Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
MorrisCohenA Jewish former boxer.
NoelCowardAn English playwright, composer, director, actor and singer.
EvelynCoxOne of Barnes' nieces.
OliverCromwellAn English statesman, politician and soldier.
Honorede BalzacA French writer.
AlfredDreyfusA French artillery officer of Jewish ancestry.
MaoDunFormer Minister of Culture of the People's Republic of China.
ChenDuxiuFormer General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party.
ShaulEisenbergA billionaire head of one of Israel's largest companies.
ZhouEnlaiFormer President of the People's Republic of China.
DouglasFairbanksA Hollywood movie star.
HoFeng-ShanA Chinese diplomat stationed in Vienna.
HenryFordAmerican industrialist and business magnate.
ThomasGainsboroughAn English portrait and landscape painter.
MahatmaGandhiAn Indian lawyer.
GretaGarboA Swedish-American actress.
David LloydGeorgeFormer Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
PauletteGoddardAmerican actress during the Golden Age of Hollywood.
HermannGoeringA German politician, military leader and convicted war criminal.
MikhailGorvachevFormer President of the Soviet Union.
KanoGoyaOne of anti-Semitic Japanese officers.
RobertGrantThe new British governor-general of Bombay.
MauriceGreenOne of Victor Sassoon's former employee.
PanGuangAn influential Chinese academic.
MurielGubbayLawrence's wife.
HuaGuofengFormer Premier of the People's Republic of China.
EmilyHahnA New York writer.
SilasHardoonA real estate tycoon.
LucieHartwichA principal of school in Berlin.
EllisHayimA member of Baghdadi Jewish Diaspora.
KatherineHepburnAmerican actress.
AdolfHitlerA dictator from Germany.
RobertHotungOne of the richest Chinese men in town.
KoreshigeInusukaAn anti-Semitic Japanese Navy captain.
ChristopgerIsherwoodEnglish-American novelist.
ThomasJacksonHead of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank.
WilliamJardinAn opium merchant and trader.
XiJinpingPresident of the People's Republic of China.
LouJiweiFormer Minister of Finance of the People's Republic of China.
Eleazer SilasKadoorieRima Kadoorie's youngest son. aka: Elly.
RimaKadoorieA Sassoon's distant cousin.
ChiangKai-shekFormer President of the Republic of China.
E. S.KellyElly's adopted alias.
WilliamKeswickHead of the Jardine's office in Shanghai.
KwokKeunga Chinese doctor.
HenryKissingerFormer U.S. secretary of State.
TakahashiKorekiyoDeputy governor of the Bank of Japan.
H.H.KungA descendant of Confucius and a wealthy banker.
CharlesLindberghAmerican military officer and aviator.
HenryLuceA powerful publisher of Time Inc.
MurrayMacLehoseFormer Governor of Hong Kong.
AlexMaiselLawrence's acquaintance.
LauraMargolisA social worker from Buffalo.
PeterMaxAn American illustrator.
MichaelMedavoyAmerican film producer and business executive.
SoongMei-lingSoong Qing-ling's sister.
JosephMeisengerAn SS functionary in Nazi Germany.
YangMengliangWorked as a waiter in the Cathay's restaurant.
LiMingVictor Sassoon's financial liaison to the Nationalist.
FrederickMocattaLeader of the London-Jewish Community.
RobertMorgenthauFormer Manhattan's District Attorney.
GerhardMosesA refugee from Vienna.
BenjaminNetanyahuPrime Minister of Israel.
AhNingA nanny.
RichardNixonThe 37th U.S. President.
LucienOvadiaVictor Sassoon's cousin and right-hand man.
LordPalmerstonBritish prime minister.
J.J.PatersonHead of Jardin in Hong Kong.
ChristopherPattenThe last British governor of Hong Kong.
J. K.PattersonJardine's executive.
LiPengFormer Premier of the People's Republic of China.
MaryPickfordDouglas Fairbank's wife.
EzioPinzaAn Italian opera singer.
MarcoPoloItalian merchant, explorer and writer.
LiangQichao-chaiOne of China's most influential thinkers.
JiangQingFormer First Lady of People's Republic of China.
SoongQing-lingSun Yat-sin's widow.
ArthurRansomeA British journalist.
ErichReismanOne of a Jewish passenger from Vienna.
John D.RockefellerAmerican business magnate.
WilliamRogersAn American humorist and performer.
ZhuRongjiFormer Premier of the People's Republic of China.
FranklinRooseveltThe 32nd U.S. President.
TheodoreRooseveltThe 26th U.S. President.
JosefRossbachOne of the refugees from Austria.
LeoRothOne of the refugees from Austria.
JacobSaphirA European researcher and writer.
John SingerSargentAn American artist.
AlbertSassoonAbdullah's new name.
ArthurSassoonOne of David Sassoon's sons.
DavidSassoonScion of a prominent Jewish family from Baghdad.
Edward AlbertSassoonAlbert Sassoon's son.
HughSassoonA London banker and descendant of Flora Sassoon.
JacobSassoonElias' son.
JamesSassoonHugh's son.
PhilipSassoonVictor Sassoon's cousin.
RachelSassoonBecame the most powerful female journalist in England.
ReubenSassoonOne of Sassoon's brothers.
S. D.SassoonOne of Elias' brothers.
SiegfredSassoonA famous British poet.
SolomonSassoonOne of David Sassoon's sons.
VictorSassoonDavid Sasson's grandson.
VidalSasssoonA hairstylist.
Jacob H.SchiffA German-born Jewish president of Wall Stret.
HaileSelassiFormer Emperor of Ethiopia.
ValSeymourVictor Sssoon's pseudonym.
George BernardShawAn Irish playwrifgt.
RobertShewanElly's longtime partner.
YuanShikaiFormer President of the Republic of China.
WallisSimpsonKing Edward VIII's wife.
ZauSinmayA Chinese writer.
WhiteySmithA jazz drummer and bandleader.
EdgarSnowAmerican journalist.
CharlesSoongSoong Qing-ling's father.
T. V.SoongChina's finance minister.
JosephStilwellU. S. Army General.
AugustStinbergA Swedish playwright, novelist, poet, essayist and painter.
KatherineStinsonFirst woman to fly to Shanghai from England.
ChiuneSugiharaJapanese diplomat, Righteous Among the Nations.
HanSuyinA left-wing writer.
MargaretThatcherFormer Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
GetulioVargasBrazil's president.
DiegoVelasquezA Spanish painter.
SergeVoronoffA Russian-born surgeon.
Albert C.WedemeyerAmerican commander in China.
TheodoreWhiteTime Magazine correspondent.
DengXiaopingServed as the paramount leader of the People's Republic of China.
LuXunA Chinese leftist writer.
SunYat-senChinese revolutonary statesman.
LingYingLawrence's closest servant.
RongYirenFormer Vice-President of the People's Republic of China.
SamuelZachariaDavid Sassoon's friend and fellow middle eastern trader.
MaoZedongFormer President of the People's Republic of China.
JiangZeminFormer President of the People's Republic of China.
LinZexuFormer Viceroy of Huguang.
RongZongjingA Chinese industrialist.
Abdullah David Sassoon's oldest son.
Ai-ling Soong Qing-ling's third sister.
Albert Edward Prince of Wales. aka: Bertie.
Benjamin Elly's co-trader.
Dowager Cixi Former Empress dowager of the Qing dynasty.
El Greco A Greek painter.
Elias One of David Sassoon's sons.
Ellis Elly Kadoorie's brother.
Flora Solomon Sassoon's wife.
Frederick the Great Former King of Prussia.
Fu A refugee farmer.
Helen Emily Hahn's sister.
Horace One of Elly and Laura's sons.
King Faisal Former King of Saudi Arabia.
King George III Former King of the United Kingdom.
King George V Former King of the United Kingdom.
Laura Elly Kadoorie's wife.
Lawrence Elly Kadoorie's eldest son.
Michael Elly's grandson.
Michael One of Muriel and Lawrence's children.
Moses Elly's older brother.
Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon.
Paul Erich's brother.
Queen Elizabeth Former Queen of the United Kingdom.
Queen Victoria Former Queen of the United Kingdom.
Quianlong Chinese emperor.
Reginald David Sassoon's grandson.
Rita One of Muriel and Lawrence's children.
Salih Rima Kadoorie's husband.
Victor One of Elly and Laura's sons.