THE LONG GAME by Simon Rowell
Characters - Alphabetical
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AnjaliAryaTactical Intelligence Officer.
AngusBatchDetective partnered with Hannah.
GarryBurnsDetective Iain Gillies junior partner.
DonnaCarlsonEstranged wife of Ray.
RayCarlsonPortsea murder victim (Mornington Peninsula).
FrankieChambersDrug Squad Detective.
JimCrowleyEx-army veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan.
EricDrumHastings (Mornington Peninsula) murder victim, former high school classmate of Sarah.
GregEndersAcquaintance of Ray.
AllanFredericksLawyer representing John.
MelinaFredericksForensics lab technician.
IainGillies40's yrs old detective.
JohnGrant19 yr old petty criminal.
TerryGunnyLocal uniformed Portsea Sergeant.
TerryGunnyPoliceman stationed at Rosebud.
DwayneHarleyLongtime best friend of Ray.
KatieHarleyDwayne's 40 yr old wife & Greg's girlfriend.
MarieHarleyDwayne's daughter.
TomHayesZoe's lawyer boyfriend.
TrevorHillSarah's former high school classmate, awaiting trial for murder of Eric Drum.
BenJenningsFrankston (Mornington Peninsula), murder victim.
CharlotteJenningsBen's 40 yr old wife.
BrendaJohannesDonna's sister.
KevinJohanskiYoung Constable guarding Joshua in hospital.
SallyJohnstoneDirector of Public Prosecutions and Tom's former girlfriend.
AliciaKennedyZoe's 45 yr old police psychologist.
TabithaKennedyAlicia's daughter.
RobLoretti50's yr old homicide squad's detective Inspector.
Zoe (Detective Sergeant)Mayer38 yr old homicide detective, partnered with Charlie.
AndreaMillburnIdentified Eddie.
HannahNguyenDetective Sergeant.
EddieNicholasAttendee at Eric's funeral. Friend of Trevor and Jim.
JoshuaPriest40's yr old acquaintance of Donna and Ray.
IvanRaddichAttended same schools as murder victims and accussed perpetrators.
MarkoRaddichIvan's younger brother, an IT consultant.
William & MaryRogersMarko's next door neighbors.
CharlieShawHomicide detective partnered with Zoe.
CarolSimmonsAttended same school as Ivan Raddich.
AaronSmithConvicted of murdering Ben.
Anna (Dr)SorgstromPathologist working with Oliver Nunn.
GregSpannoAttended same school as Ivan Raddich and bullied him.
DougStrongDrug Squad Detective.
StefanThomasMarko's lawyer.
AlexVerdiFriend of Ben Jennings.
SarahWestbrookProducer of popular 'Westbrook' podcast. Former TV journalist.
RichardWilcox30's yr old welfare offer for Zoe.
RebeccaWillisForensics audio expert.
Alex Charlie and Jane's son.
Bianca Forensics officer.
Bobo Donna's white Shi Ztsu.
Freddie Alicia's labrador rescue dog.
Gareth Carol's 5 yr old son.
Georgia Alicia's assistant.
Harry Golden Retriever Police Service (Support) Dog for Zoe.
Helen Real Estate Property Manager.
Jane Charlie's estranged wife.
Jenny Forensics major-crime-scene examiner.
Joel Bomb disposal squad robot operator.
John Paramedic attending Zoe.
Rachel Young female constable.
Serge Old Italian fellow.
Sophia & Richard Bomb disposal squad members.
Yvette Friend of Donna's.