Characters - Alphabetical
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LydiaBennettElizabeth's sister.
Mrs.BennettOne of the characters in "Pride and Prejudice".
Mrs.DanversRebecca's housekeeper.
Mr.DarcyElizabeth's love interest.
Mr.De WinterRebecca's ex-husband.
Thermos FlaskDevAleisha's manager.
JemFinchScout's brother.
ScoutFinchThe narrator in "To Kill A Mockingbird".
Crime ThrillerGuyOne of the library customers.
MoeJohnsonJoseph's classmate.
KeiraKnightleyActress. A character in "Pride and Prejudice".
AmyMarchJo's sister.
BethMarchJo's sister.
JoMarchOne of the characters in "Little Women".
MegMarchJo's sister.
ToniMorrisonnThe author of Beloved.
RichardParkerThe tiger.
MukeshPatelProtagonist. Aka: Mr. P.
NainaPatelMukesh's wife. Deceased.
BooRadleyJem and Scout's old neighbor.
TomRobinsonAtticus's client.
BabySuggsSethe's mother-in-law.
AidanThomasAleisha's brother.
AleishaThomasAidan's little sister. A library assistant.
Aakash Nilakshi's son.
Amir The protagonist in "The Kite Runner".
Atticus Scout and Jem's father.
Beloved Sethe's first daughter.
Benny One of the library volunteers.
Beth One of Aleisha's friends.
Bhagwan Harish's grandchild.
Brent A library owner.
Buglar Sethe's son.
Chirag Mukesh's acquaintance.
Chris The guy who received the reading list. Aka: Crime Thriller Guy.
Clare Henry's wife.
Dean Aleisha and Aidan's father.
Deepali One of Mukesh's daughters.
Denver Sethe's daughter.
Dill Scout's friend.
Elizabeth Mrs. Benett's daughter.
Elliot Aidan's employer. A car mechanic.
Gigi A woman who also received the reading list.
Guy Aidan's best friend.
Harish Mukesh's friend.
Hassan Amir's best friend.
Helena Leonora's sister.
Henry The protagonist in the Time Traveler's book.
Howard Sethe's son.
Indira Naina's friend. One of the women who received the reading list.
Izzy A woman who also received the reading list.
Jaya One of Mukesh's granddaughters.
Jayesh One of Mukesh's granddaughters.
Jenna One of Aleisha's friends.
Jeremy Aleisha's uncle.
Joseph A man who also received the reading list.
Kacey One of Aleisha's friends.
Kyle Aleisha's workmate.
Laurie Jo's next door neighbor.
Leilah Aidan and Aleisha's mother.
Leonora One of the women who received the reading list.
Linda Indira's neighbor.
Lola One of Aleisha's friends.
Louisa The library assistant.
Lucy One of the library volunteers.
Marmee The March Sister's mother.
Maya Indira's daughter.
Meena Harish's wife.
Melanie Chris's girlfriend.
Mia Aleisha's former best friend.
Naseem Mukesh's neighbor.
Neel One of Harish's grandchildren.
Nikhil The food shop owner.
Nilakshi Naina's closest friennd.
Noor Naseem's daughter.
Prabhand Nilakshi's husband.
Priya Rohini's daughter.
Rachel Aleisha's cousin.
Rahul Aleisha's ex-boyfriend.
Rebecca The protagonist on "Rebecca".
Rohini One of Mukesh's daughters.
Sage Izzy's flatmate.
Samuel Gigi's son.
Sethe The protagonist on Beloved.
Shreya One of Aleisha's friends.
Umang Mukesh's childhood friend.
Vivek Harish's best friend.
Vritti One of Mukesh's daughters.
Zac The man that Aleisha met.