Characters - Alphabetical
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DouglasAlexanderThe offender.
SissyBarrowsKyoko's housekeeper.
BigBastardThe Quinn's bull.
CharlotteBauerAngie's friend. A retired lawyer. AKA: Charlie.
MyronBennettA jeweler.
NicoleBlakeHolly's friend.
KyokoBluestoneNoah's wife.
NoahBluestoneOne of the Quinn's hired men.
TomBrodyGarnet's husband. Brody's brother.
AliceBrownCarl's wife.
CarlBrownThe Funeral Home owner.
FredBrownCarl's father.
AmyCassidayBrody's youngest sister.
SeanCassidayAmy's husband.
HoldenCaulfieldA character in "Catcher in the Rye" book.
HollyColeridgeDel Wolfe's cousin.
MelvinCrabbeA dump truck driver.
TylerCreasyOne of the Quinn's hired men.
BrodyDernSheriff of Black Earth County. Protagonist.
GarnetDernBrody's sister-in-law.
JackDernBrody's nephew.
MaryDernBrody's niece.
RitaDernBrody's niece.
RobertDernBrody's father.
KevinEideThe judge.
HankEvansOne of the sheriff's auxiliary deputies.
AsaFieldingOne of Brody's officers.
James ForsythGunther's superior. A colonel.
MimiFowlerThe town librarian.
MorganGilroyA bank robber.
ConradGraffThe former sheriff. AKA: Connie.
MyrnaGraffConnie's wife.
AbleGrangeOne of the Quinn's hired men.
MaggieGreenA kindergarten teacher.
FatherGregoryThe Lutheran pastor.
GuntherHaasThe oldest veteran.
AbigailHarrisThe Mayor's wife.
JackHarrisThe Mayor.
LesterHenningsA town cop in Jefferson.
DavidHimuraThe Japanese commander. Kyoko's new husband.
MadameJustineAngie's boss.
MikeKearneyThe veterinarian.
FelixKleinA dangerous prisoner. Brody's companion.
AlanLaddA film star.
GordonLandisA former police.
ChristianMadisonScott's father. Angie's husband.
EvangelineMadisonScott's mother. Aka: Agnie, Jolie Rae LeBlanc.
HarveyMadisonAngie's father-in-law.
IdaMadisonAngie's mother-in-law.
ScottMadisonAngie's son.
BobMagruderOwner of the stolen truck.
BobMcCarthyFiona's husband.
Fiona McCarthyJimmy and Gudrun's daughter.
WendellMoonMrs. Madison's worker.
BobOdegardA feed store owner.
FatherO'GaraThe reverend.
HermanOstbergBrody's acquaintance.
DocPorterThe county coroner.
BridgetQuinnJimmy and Marta's youngest daughter.
ColleenQuinnJimmy and Marta's daughter.
GudrunQuinnJimmy's 1st wife.
James PatrickQuinnDeceased. Eaten by a catfish. Aka: Jimmy.
MartaQuinnJimmy's 2nd wife.
TerenceQuinnJimmy and Gudrun's son.
James PatrickQuinn Jr.Jimmy and Marta's eldest son. AKA: J.P.
AverySimpsonA hardware store owner.
Mr.SorensonScott's scoutmaster.
SuzieThorndikeAsa's wife.
LorettaWicklowSam's wife.
SamWicklowPublisher and Editor of Black Earth County.
AlexanderWilliamsA county attorney.
DelbertWolfeScott's friend. Creasy's son-in-law. AKA: Del, Wolfman.
Boggie Connie's horse.
Farrah Angie's mother.
Fuji Kyoko's dog.
Hannah Felix's wife.
Hector Brody's dog.
Honeydew Connie's horse.
Hopper The painter.
Inkpahduta The leader of Wahpekute.
Kyaw The Burmese soldier.
Lilah Brody's girlfriend.
Luther Tyler's uncle.
Mac Brody's colleague.
Ramona Scott's aunt. Del's mother.
Takoda Bluestone's ancestor.
Velma Tyler's mother.