Characters - Alphabetical
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Izz Al DinThe Titanic captain.
AliceAstorJack and Ava's daughter.
JakeyAstorMadeleine and Jack's son.
LinaAstorJack's mother.
VincentAstorJack and Ava's son.
John JacobAstor IVMadeleine's old husband. The richest man in America. AKA: Jack.
WilliamBackhouse-Astor Jr.Jack's father.
AugustBelmontOne of Jack's important friends.
RosalieBidoisMaddy's maid.
DickinsonBishopHelen's husband.
HelenBishopThe stranger who talks to Maddy.
HelenBrownMargaret's daughter.
MargaretBrownA Newport matron. Jack's companion.
EmmaBucknellMargaret's friend from Philadelphia.
DorothyCampMaddy's childhood friend.
CharlotteCardezaJames's wife.
JamesCardezaOne of Jack's guests.
William Church-OsbornOne of Jack's important friends.
FlorenceCumingsMarian's friend. The matron in sable from Lifeboat Four.
JohnDavison-RockefellerOne of Jack's important friends.
WilliamDickOne of Katherine's schoolmates.
WilliamDobbynJack's private secretary.
JamesDukeOne of Jack's important friends.
MissElyA school owner.
CarrieEndresMaddy's nurse.
KatherineForceMadeleine's sister.
Katherine (2)ForceMaddy's sister.
WilliamForceMaddy's father.
MadeleineForce-AstorNarrator. The 2nd Mrs. Astor. Aka: Maddy.
AliceFortuneOne of the Fortune daughters.
CharlesFortuneThe Fortune son.
EthelFortuneOne of the Fortune daughters.
MabelFortuneOne of the Fortune daughters.
MarkFortuneJack's friend.
MaryFortuneMark's wife.
ThomasFortuneOne of Jack's important friends.
RobertGoeletOne of Jack's important friends.
AugustHeckscherOne of Jack's guests.
KatherineHurdThe reporter's wife.
J.BruceIsmayThe President of International Mercantile Marine.
DoctorKimballMaddy's doctor.
AvaLowle-AstorJack's 1st wife. Vincent's mother.
ScottLurieThe reverend of the First Church in Reno.
Mr.MartinThe White Star man.
DoctorMcGeeThe doctor from Carpathia.
OgdenMillsA prominent matron.
StellaMitchellThe girl Maddy always envied.
John PierpontMorganOne of Jack's important friends.
HermannOelrichsOne of Jack's important friends.
OlaPoundsOne of the girls who write to Maddy.
Mrs.ReynoldsMrs. Froce's friend.
SilasReynoldsMrs. Reynolds's husband.
CaptainRobertsThe ship captain.
VictorRobinsJack's valet.
ArthurRostronCarpathia's captain.
EdwardSmithThe society's captain.
MarianThayerOne of the Titanic survivors.
G.WVanderbiit IIOne of Jack's important friends.
EleanorWidenerGeorge's wife.
GeorgeWidenerJack's friend.
LetaWrightOne of Maddy's friends.
WinnieYeatsOne of the girls who write to Maddy.
Carol One of Maddy's friends.
Carolus-Duran The Astors's partner.
Cook Jack's chef.
Harold The importer's son.
Henrietta One of Katherine's schoolmates.
Kitty Jack's dog.
Latimer The ship attendant.
Matthews The Force family butler.
Nathalie One of Maddy's friends.
Roosevelt The current U.S. President.
Thabit The dragoman.