THE SILENT BOY by Lois Lowry
Characters - Alphabetical
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MissAbbottThe seamstress.
AustinBishopKaty's friend.
Laura PaisleyBishopThe baby that Mrs. Bishop found in the garden.
Mr.BishopA lawyer. Austin and Paul's father.
PaulBishopAustin's brother.
Mrs.CooperOne of Katy's neighbors.
MissDunbarKaty's teacher.
MaryGoldsteinOne of the fire victims. Deceased.
Mr.LedbetterThe feed store owner.
FloydLehmanThe boy that Peggy Likes.
MissMoodyKaty's new teacher.
BenShaferDoc Thatcher's old classmate. Harriet's husband.
BennyShaferMrs. Shafer's son.
HarrietShaferOne of Doc Thatcher's patients.
WilliamShaferMrs. Shafer's son.
Mrs.StevensonOne of Thatcher's neighbors.
AnnaStoltzPeggy's sister.
JacobStoltzThe retarded boy that Katy befriended. Peggy's brother.
Mrs.StoltzPeggy's mother.
PeggyStoltzThe newly hired girl of Doc Thatcher.
CarolineThatcherKaty's mother.
HenryThatcherKaty's father. The town's doctor.
Katharine ThatcherNarrator and Protagonist. Aka: Katy.
MaryThatcherKaty's baby sister.
MattieWashingtonOne of Doc Thatcher's patients.
MissWinslowThe librarian.
JessieWoodKaty's friend.
Dahlia One of Doc Thatcher's horses.
Edward Katy's schoolmate.
Eleanor Katy's aunt.
Flora The Bishop's newly hired girl. Levi's sister.
Goldy The doll that Jacob gave to Katy.
Gram Katy's grandmother.
Jackson Doc Thatcher's clerk.
James Caroline's brother. Katy's uncle.
Jed One of Doc Thatcher's horses.
Judy Doc Thatcher's former dog. Deceased.
Kate One of the fire victims.
Kenneth One of Katy's friends.
Levi Thatcher's stable boy.
Molly One of the fire victims.
Naomi Katy's family cook.
Nell Peggy's sister who lives in Mr. Bishop's attic.
Norman One of Katy's friends.
Pepper Katy's dog.
Punch One of Doc Thatcher's horses.
Pup Jacob's dog.
Rosie One of the fire victims.
Sturges One of Doc Thatcher's patients.
Whittaker The dry-goods store owner.