THE WAKES by Dianne Yarwood
Characters - Alphabetical
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AnneBuchananTim's mother, friend of Louise's mother.
TimBuchananLouise's friend, owner a funeral home and Gilbert the dog.
JackDuncanBeth and Dan's teenage son.
JamesDuncan16 yr old son of Max.
JillDuncanMax's wife.
KeithDuncanMax's father.
MaxDuncanChris's (40's yr old) friend, dying of pancreatic cancer.
WillDuncan14 yr old son of Max.
BruceHenryGreta's husband.
GretaHenry73 yr old who died of a bicycle accident.
NinaHenryGreta's oldest daughter.
SuzieHenryGreta's daughter.
 Hudson boys.Paul's next-door neighbors.
EmmaHumphreysVolunteer tour guide at the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens.
ChrisLang46 yr old hospital emergency doctor, husband of Sophie.
SarahLangChris's wife.
 NortonDavid's psychologist.
CatherineReadyChris's colleague - a hand surgeon at the hospital.
AllyShawLouise's mum.
JanieShawLouise's deceased Aunt.
LouisaShawGardener, cook, Clare's friend.
ClareShephardPharmacist, wife of David, mother of Alex and Grace.
AlexShephard15 yr old son of Clare and David.
CaroShephardMike's wife.
DavidShephardHead of English at a girl's high school. Clare's husband.
GraceShephard12 yr old daughter of Clare and David.
MikeShephardDavid's brother.
DanSwanElizabeth's husband, professional musician.
ElizabethSwan45 yr old High School English Teacher. A.k.a 'Beth' nee Tennant.
PaulSwanRuns his own advertising agency. (Middle-aged)
JulieTurnerFriend of Chris and Sarah.
SteveTurnerFriend of Chris and Sarah.
MargieVaileGreta's best friend.
BillWalkerHope's husband.
HopeWalkerBill's wife.
ParkerWildClare's Former classmate.
Amelia Chris's co-worker at the hospital.
Amir Regulatory affairs specialist, Clare's colleague.
Cameron Restaurant waiter.
Elaine Louise's cranky gardening client.
Ethan Graham's neighbor, professional film editor.
Frank Louise's elderly gardening client.
Gilbert A Poodle dog living with Louise.
Graham Rachel's husband.
Grant & Lucy Louise trims their hedge.
Greg Sausage dog that lives next door to Max.
Helen Clare's friend, a former classmate, organizer of the school reunion.
Hugh Louise's former relationship.
Joanne Chris and Sarah's counselor.
Lara Clare's 90 yr old Armenian neighbor.
Liam Paul's accounts manager.
Rachael Elizabeth's cousin.
Sophie and Josh University students working for Clare and Louisa.
Stuart Clare's dog.
Tom Young man on Pippi Beach.