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Characters - Alphabetical
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MsArakawaEditor-in-chief (female) of children's books at Maple publishers.
JiroAsadaAuthor who made debut at 40 yr old.
 Cherry Peach BooksLiterary publisher.
CharlesDarwinAuthor (real) of On the Origin of Species published in 1859.
Peter F.DuckerManagement expert. (Real)
MrEbigawaMiddle-aged owner of antique shop Enmokuya (Smoke Tree), now Hatori Community House building superintendent.
TomokaFujiki21 yr old (female) sales assistant at Eden department store.
MrFurutaFacility director of community houses.
ChieGonnoMasao's 27 yr old daughter, works at Meishin Books.
MasaoGonno65 yr old retiree (male), husband of Yuriko, worked for 45 years in sales department of Kuremiyado.
YorikoGonno56 yr old (female) computer teacher at Hatori Community House. Wife of Masao.
YukariIshiiAuthor (female) of book Door to the Moon.
MizueKanata70 yr old famous author (female) of award winning book The Pink Plane Tree.
 KenshiroManga character in Fist of the North Star.
SayuriKomachi47 yr old librarian (female) at Hatori Community House. A.k.a 'Stay-Puft. Nee Himeno. Ex-special-needs-teacher at the elementary school.
 KuremiyadoConfectionary company that makes Honeydome cookies/sweets.
ShinpeiKusanoAuthor (Real) of children's poetry book Genge and Frogs'.
 MapleChildren's publishing company.
HarukiMaurakamiAuthor who made debut at 30 yr old.
 Meishin BooksBookshop inside the station building.
MrMogi50's speaker about minerals at Hatori Community House.
 MongerA manga character from Fujiko F. Fujio series 21 Emon.
NozomiMorinagaTeenage (female) librarian at Hatori Community House.
MrsMuroiWorker (at the fruit and vegetable market, and cleaner at the Hatori Community House.
MrNasuda40's yr old acquaintance of Ryo and regular at Enmokuya antique shop.
MrsNumauchi55 yr old part-time worker at Eden department store.
FutabaSakitani2 yr old daughter of Natsumi. A.k.a. Fu-chan.
NatsumiSakitani40 yr old (female) former Mila magazine editor for publisher Banyusha, relegated to information resources department.
ShujiSakitaniNatsumi's husband, father of Futaba.
GenmaSaotomeManga character in Ranma 1/2.
 SKY SoundsChildren's publishing company.
 Star CloudsChildren's publishing company.
HiroyaSuda30 yr old (male) unemployed stay-at-home son. Ambition to be a drawer.
MrTaguchiRyo's boss - department chief of Accounts at Kishimoto.
RumiTakahasiCreator of Ranma 1/2.
MrUeshima35 yr old division chief at Eden department store.
RyoUrase35 yr old (male) accountant at furniture manufacturer Kishimoto.
Alfred RusselWallaceAuthor (real) of Evolution: A Visual Record
MsWatahashiColleague (female) of Natsumi at Maple publishers.
MrYakita75 yr old computer student at Hatori Community House making a web page about wildflowers, and teaching a 'Go' class.
MisumiYasuharaYasuhari's wife.
MrYasuharaOwner of Cats Now Bookshop.
MiyaYoshitaki20 yr old (female) assistant to Ryo.
Amano Worker (male) in Sales department of Kishimoto.
Erika Hina's 32 yr older sister living in Prague.
Gerob Centipede - popular character in a children's picture book.
Hina 25 yr old (female) girlfriend of Ryo. Collects sea glass.
Hosaka Worker (male) in Sales at Kishimoto.
Kiriyama 25 yr old worker (male) at Eden department store, in the spectacles section.
Kiwaza 40's yr old (female) deputy editor-in-chief of Mila magazine who replaced Natsumi.
Kumiko Hina's 35 yr oldest sister.
Maya Futaba's daycare class teacher (female).
Miho-chan 6 yr old daughter of Ms Watahashi
Nishiya Sneering school student (male) from Hiroya's high school days.
Saya Long-time friend (female) of Tomoko.
Seitaro School friend (male) of Hiroya. Ambition to be a writer.
Sugimura Hiroya's former class rep (male), organiser of class reunion.