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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1Rhiet The 3rd officer in Planet Morania.
 Malik One of Rhiet's troopers.
 Science Officer2nd classThe Mechanoid with a blue sash.
 ScientistSupremeThe golden Mechanoid. The Mechanoid's leader.
 Quasar The demon that Mechanoid created.
 Rajang A Moranian admiral.
 Capt.MalangOne of Rajang's associates.
 Capt.RenageOne of Rajang's associates.
2Capt.OdessaThe captain of Andromeda. One of Quasar's victims.
 Amundsen The admiral of Regan Empire.
 Capt.GreavesAmundsen's officer.
 JakubRheimsThe 1st lieutenant in Planet Rega.
 MikelOlsenThe science commander in Planet Rega.
 Wilhelm The chief engineer.
 LT.JalonA ship trooper.
 Capt.AmcorThe captain of Plaent Rega.
 Pallas A midshipman. A communications officer.
 Greisen One of Olsen's officers.
 Paltok One of Olsen's officers.
 Rahul One of Olsen's officers.
 David Olsen's helmsman.
 Ryun Olsen's crewman. A weapon officer.
 PresidentThorsonThe President of Planet Rega.
3Capt.AnsellA space captain.
 Meyers Ansell's midshipman.
 Colin Admiral Amundsen's only son.
 CarlPetersonOne of Quasar's victims.
4MaryCollinsThe daughter of the starship's captain.
 KalanOlsenMikel's father.
 FatherMarcusA bishop at Planet Rega.
 AliceDaltonA Kritonian who lives in Planet Earth.
 JamesColtA ship captain. Alice's uncle.
 DavePatridgeOne of James's colleagues.
 PeterRawlinsA chief engineer.
 RonWillisThe lone prospector.
 Hebron The shaman of Alemanni.
5Raijiah The leader of Tent City.
 Mahan The headman of Tent City.
 Datura Quasar's newest wife.
 SamuelMyersThe missionary of the Church of Universe. Aka: Bishop Myers.
 RicardoAmelekiteThe missionary of the Church of Universe.
 JosephLarssonSamuel and Ricardo's colleague.
 Marissa The head wife.
6Caleb Raijiah's son.