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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1JoeMcKennedyCharlie's friend.
2Mrs.UnderwoodCharlie's Algebra teacher. Shot by Charlie.
 TedJonesCharlie's Algebra classmate.
 Sandra Charlie's classmate.
 BillySawyerCharlie's classmate.
 CarolGrangerCharlie's classmate.
 CharlesDeckerNarrator. Protagonist. aka: Charlie.
3SandraCrossCharlie's classmate. Girl who wears white panties. aka: Sandy.
 ThomasDenverSchool principal. aka: Tom.
 DonGracePsychology teacher.
4Mrs.GreenTyping teacher.
 MissMarbleSchool receptionist.
 AiLathropCarl's friend.
 CarlDeckerCharlie's father.
5ScottyNorwissCarl's friend.
 RandyEarlCarl's friend.
 HubieLevesqueHunting guide.
6TheBugleSchool rag.
 JohnCarlsonChemistry teacher.
8RosanneDebbinsCharlie's schoolmate. Owns the locker next to Charlie's.
 CarlaDenchCharlie's schoolmate. Soaks herself in rosemary every morning.
 Titus Charlie's padlock.
 Mr.JohnsonHistory teacher.
11IrmaBatesThe girl who screamed when Charlie fired a gun.
 JohnDanoCharlie's classmate who slithered quietly out of his chair. aka: Pig Pen.
 PeterVanceThe second teacher Charlie shot.
 MikeGavinCharlie's Algebra classmate.
 HarmonJacksonCharlie's Algebra classmate.
 SarahPasterneCharlie's classmate giggled hysterically when Charlie fired gun.
 GoergeYannickJohn's seatmate.
13JackGoldmanCharlie's Algebra classmate.
 SylviaRaganCharlie's Algebra classmate.
 MikeGavinCharlie's Algebra classmate.
 MelvinThomasCharlie's Algebra classmate.
 SusanBrooksCharlie's Algebra classmate.
 NancyCaskinCharlie's Algebra classmate.
 PeterFranklinCharlie's classmate. Absent when the incident happened.
 TomDeckerCharlie's brother.
 DonLordiCharlie's Algebra classmate.
 JerryKesser-LingChief of Police.
 WarenTalbotFormer chief of police. Deceased.
 Mr.WolfeTeacher who called the police.
14Jessie D.HannafordCarl's sister.
 BrianHannafordJessie's husband.
16RitaDeckerCharlie's mother.
 SamCastinguayFamily neighbor.
17HerkOrvilleThe kid who ate a mouse.
 Mrs.DanoJohn's mother.
18PhilFranksA student who is good in writing.
21Mr.Fran-KelOwner and proprietor of a jewelry store and camera shop.
 LillyDanoJohn's sister.
 FrankPhilbrickHead of Maine State Police.
 Fred John's uncle.
 Annmarie Rosalynn's sister.
 Rosalynn Annmarie's sister.
 Lafollet St.ArmandA hook-nosed junior. Marine.
22DickyCableKid in Carol's party. Charlie's enemy.
23BuckThorneSomeone Carol dated. Center of the Placerville Greyhounds.
 BobStonehamCoach of the Placerville Greyhounds. aka: Stone Balls.
 DonnaTaylorCarol's friend.
24DanielMalvernPoliceman in Kent's Hill.
26PeteMcKennedyJoe's brother.
 ScraggSimpsonPete's friend.
 LarryMoellerDrug pusher.
 MaynardQuinnA boy with dirty playing cards.
32SamuelDeleavneyJudge in Charlie's case.
 RichGossageMental insititution admin.