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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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ProSmithQuirkRalph's flat-mate/best friend.
 Ralph MclearyProtagonist.
 Jason Ralph and Smith's flat-mate.
 Monica A Born Again Christian. One of Ralph and Smith's flat-mates.
 Rukhsana A woman who suffered an abusive arranged marriage.
 Simon Ralph's flat-mate.
 Rachel The girl with a skin condition. Ralph's flat-mate.
 Jemima Ralph and Smith's new flat-mate. Aka: Jem.
1Claudia Ralph's girlfriend.
2SiobhanKasparovKarl's girlfriend. A luxurious woman. Aka: Shuv.
 Rosanne Karl and Siobhan's dog.
3Shirelle The girl who falls in love with Ralph.
 Cheri The girl Smith falls in love with. Karl's ex-lover.
4Angel Karl's girlfriend. A luxurious woman. Aka: Shuv.
5Pete The butcher at the meat shop.
6NatalieWoodAn actress.
 JamesDeanAn actor.
 Diana Smith's assistant.
7Stella Jem's friend and theatrical workmate.
 Lily Jem's friend.
 Lulu Jem's sister.
8Ariel The girl who bought Ralph a jumper.
 Valentina Oriel's dog.
9JoeThomasThe guy Siobhan flirted with.
 Martin Cheri's friend.
 Giles Cheri's rich fiancé.
10Paul Jem's close friend.
 Greta Smith's ex-girlfriend.
11RickDe LargyA producer. Karl's acquaintance.
 Jeff Karl's friend.
12Nick Jem's ex-boyfriend.
 Jason The man who likes Jem.
 Danny The man who likes Jem.
 Clem The man who likes Jem.
13JustinJonesThe man who de-virginized Jem.
14Tamsin Rick's friend. Karl's former dancing student.
15Drew The girl who took Rick's virginity.