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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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   Day 1
1JohnRebusA retired detective.
 DeborahQuantRebus's girlfriend.
   COPD - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
 SiobhanClarkeA detective inspector.
 GailMckieDarryl's mother.
 DarrylChristieVictim. A career criminal.
 AnnetteChristieGail's daughter. Deceased.
 Sammy Rebus's daughter.
 MariaTurquandA murder victim in 1978. Aka: Maria Frazer.
 JohnTurquandMaria's husband.
 MagnusBroughA bank owner.
 PeterAttwoodMaria's lover.
 BruceCollierA rock star. Maria's lover.
 AnthonyBroughMagnus's grandchild.
 FrancescaBroughMagnus's grandchild.
 Brillo Rebus's dog.
   Day 2
2MalcolmFoxA detective inspector.
 JoeStarkeA career criminal.
 BenMcManusThe assistant chief constable.
 JenniferLyonFox's boss.
 SheilaGrahamBen's colleague.
3Morris GeraldCaffertyRebus's old friend. A business magnate.
 ChristineEssonSiobhan's police.
 RonnieOgilvieSiobhan's police.
 JamesPageSiobhan's boss.
 RobertChathamThe detective in charge of Maria Turquand's murder.
 VinceBradyBruce's manager.
 DougieVaughanBruce's friend. A musician.
4MitchFoxMalcolm's father.
 JudeFoxMalcolm's sister.
 Lisa The cashier.
   Day 3
6LauraSmithA journalist.
 Hugh HaroldHodgesDarryl's friend. Aka: Harry.
 CrawShandDarryl's attacker.
   Day 4
7LisanneBentleyJimmy's wife.
 JimmyBroughMagnus's son.
 Tess Siobhan's friend from Scotland Police.
 HajAtwalThe crime scene manager.
 AlvinJamesThe detective superintendent.
8LizDolanRobert's girlfriend.
9JosephBeddoesDarryl's colleague.
 Cal Darryl's sister.
 SeanGlanceyA police from Aberdeen.
 WallaceSharpeA policeman.
 MarkOldfieldA detective constable.
 AnnetteBriggsThe woman who conducts an interview with Liz Dolan.
   Day 5
11MaxineDromgooleA writer.
12WalterGrieveJoe's childhood friend.
 LenParkerJoe's childhood friend.
   Day 6
13KennyArnottChatham's boss.
 HankMarvinA guitarist.
15MollySewellAnthony's secretary.
 DanielReynoldsDarryl's friend. Aka: Dandy.
 RoddyCapeDarryl's friend.
16AleksanderGlushenkoA Russian Mafia member. Aka: Anton Nazarchuk.
   Day 7
17AlanMcFarlaneA high-ranking police official in London.
 Warbody Francesca's guardian.
Rather Be the Devil suggested by Elizabeth Robinson