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Characters By Chapter
Ry Smith
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1   Lane   Coolman   Promoter. aka: "Bob".
    Merry   Mansfield   Set-up babe.
    Buck   Nance   Entertainer managed by Coolman.
    Rosa       Yancy's female friend.
2   Tommy   Lombardo   Coolman's supervisor.
    Zeto       Hired hand.
    Martin   Trebeaux   Swindler. Sand replacer.
    Irv   Clipowski   aka: "Clippy". Retired.
    Neil   Gluckman   Retired.
3   Deb       Bride-to-be. Potential neighbor building big house.
    Jon David   Ampergrodt   Chairman of Platinum Artists Management.
    Rachel       Coolman's wife.
    Sonny   Summers   Sheriff
4   Rogello   Burton   Yancy's best friend. A detective.
    Krystal   Nance   Buck's wife.
    Miracle       Buck's mistress.
5   Bradley   Nance   Buck's brother. Stage name: Junior.
    Henry   Nance   Buck's brother. Stage name: Buddy
    Todd   Nance   Buck's brother. Stage name: Clee Roy
6   Brock   Richardson   Deb's lawyer.
    Winchell       Bus boy.
7       Brennan   Owner: Stoney's Crab Place.
8   Dominck   Aeloa   aka: "Big Noogie".
9   Abdul-Halim   Shamoon   Owner: discount electronics shop in Manhattan.
10   Joey       Slender and gray hair.
    Vin       Broad as a dumpster.
    Mrs.   Kunkle   Summer's assistant.
12   Wikky       Tramp City owner.
13   Dr.   Whitmore   Archeologist.
    Benny   Krill   Burglar. aka: "Benny the Blister".
14   Jelly       Worked in Miami for document shedding service.
    Nick       Same as Jelly.
15   Mona   Krill   Benny's wife.
16   Keith   Fitzpatrick   Captain of deep-sea charters. Merry's friend.
19   Rick       Nightclub bouncer hired by Richardson.
    Rod       Also a bouncer like Rick.