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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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 LaPlata A detective.
 Robbins LaPlata's partner.
 IsiahRandolphIke's gay son. Murdered.
2DerekJenkinsMurdered. Isiah's husband.
 AriannaRandolphIsiah's daughter.
 MyaRandolphIke's wife.
 Buddy LeeJenkinsDerek's father.
 J.T.JohnsonThe reverend who preached in Derek and Isiah's funeral.
3Artie Buddy Lee's landlord.
6Grayson A hit man.
 Sara Grayson's wife.
 Jericho Grayson and Sara's son.
7KennethAdnerThe memorial service agent.
 Jazzy Ike's secretary.
8AmeliaWatkinsA managing editor.
9BryceThomasonA Blue Anarchist member that Ike met.
 Terry Bryce's colleague and friend.
 Madison Bryce's colleague and friend.
10BrandonPainterThe cake seller. Derek's workmate.
11TommyHarrisThe club president. Grayson's colleague. Aka: Big Boss.
 Dome Grayson's colleague.
 Gremlin Grayson's colleague.
 TangerineFredricksonThe girl with knowledge as to who killed Derek and Isiah.
12Deak Buddy Lee's half brother.
 ChulyPettigrewBuddy Lee's former boss. A meth dealer.
 Christine Buddy Lee's wife. Derek's mother.
13Andy Grayson's associate.
 Oscar Grayson's associate.
16Hamad The convenience store cashier.
 GeraldCulpepperChristine's new husband.
18Margo Buddy Lee's neighbor.
24JudyGarlandThe owner of Garland Bar.
 Tex Isiah's friend. A bartender at Garlands.
 Chris Derek's boss.
 Jeff Isiah's former client.
 Ralph Chris and Jeff's friend.
 Sal Chris and Jeff's friend.
 Mr. GetDownA producer. Aka: Tariq Matthews.
25Cheddar One of Grayson's associates.
 RandyHiersIke's neighbor.
27Carrie The event organizer at Essential Events.
29Maurice The barber.
 Slice A gun dealer. Tariq's business dealer. Aka: Lance.
32LunetteFredricksonTangerine's mother.
34Marcus Jazzy's son.
36Hogge A deputy.
40GatsbyCulpepperGerald's father.
41Chet Buddy Lee's friend.
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