Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1Hannah S.BartonProtagonist.
 RossBartonHannah's husband. KCOW TV Executive. aka: Russell Barton.
 MichelleSwansenHannah's younger sister. aka: Shelly.
   The Cookie Jar - Ross Barton's coffee shop and bakery.
 DeloresSwansenHannah's mother. aka: Lori.
 AndreaSwansenHannah's fashionable sister. Real estate agent.
 Moishe Hannah's cat.
 SuePlotnikHannah's neighbor. A teacher.
 KevinPlotnikSue and Phil's 3-year-old son.
 PhilPlotnikSue's husband. Delray Manufacturing supervisor.
 LisaHermanHannah's work partner. Cook.
 JackHermanLisa's father. Works at The Cookie Jar.
 MargeHermanLisa's stepmother. Works at The Cookie Jar.
 Florence Red Owl Grocery's owner.
 Nancy Lisa's aunt. The Cookie Jar's new baker.
 Herb Lisa's husband.
 Heiti Nancy's friend.
 DocKnightDelores's new husband. aka: Doc.
2Claire RodgersKnudsonBeau Monde Fashion's owner.
   The Rainbow Ladies - A group of volunteers.
 SallyLaughlinHannah's friend. Works at Lake Eden Inn.
 P.K.AlesworthRoss's assistant. Michelle's friend. Deceased.
 CyrilMurphyCyril's Garage and Shamrock Limousine Service owner.
3Norman Ross's former neighbor. Hannah's best friend.
 Mike Michelle's college roommate. A detective.
 Lonnie Michelle's boyfriend.
 Elsa Hannah's great grandmother.
 Georgina Waitress at the restaurant from Delores and Doc's condo.
4KarlSchillingFarm owner.
7Tracey Andrea's daughter.
 Bethie Andrea's daughter.
 GrandmaMcCannTracey's grandmother.
 Brooke Runs the dining food at Lake Eden Inn's convention center.
 Loren Runs the dining food at Lake Eden Inn's convention center.
8GrandmaKnudsonHoly Redeemer Lutheran Church's first lady.
 Cuddles Norman's cat.
 GrandmaIngridHannah's grandmother.
 Linda Ross's former fiance.
 SenatorWorthingtonRoss's family's neighbor.
12DocBennettNorman's colleague.
 Pinkie P.K.'s fiance. aka: Mary Jo Hart.
 BridgetMurphyCyril's wife.
13LydiaGradinMercantile Bank's head teller.
 DougGreersonMercantile Bank's president.
14IrmaYorkA woman who loves gossip.
16BettyJacksonHannah's friend. Works at KCOW Television.
 ScottyMacdonaldWorks at KCOW Television. Jealous of P.K.
 Carol Works at KCOW Television. Ross's colleague.
 Martha P.K.'s colleague.
 Dick Bartender at Lake Eden Inn.
18AliceVogelRegular bar customer.
 DiggerGibsonRegular bar customer.
 John Dick's friend.
19DotLarsonRestaurant hostess.
 JamieLarsonDot's daughter.
21GeneHickmanPlays Santa. A man from Jordan High.
 GaryFowlerHannah's new neighbor at The Cookie Jar booth.
 Sue Moishe's vet.
22ImmeldaGrieseFather Coultas's long-time housekeeper.
 FatherCoultasReverend at P.K.'s funeral.
 EdithAlesworthP.K.'s mother.
 ArnoldAlesworthP.K.'s father.
 DiggeeGibsonLocal funeral director.
 NonaPrentissNick's wife.
 NickPrentissNona's husband. Corner Tavern's owner.
 AlbertPrentissNick's brother.
 NicholasPrentissNick and Albert's grandfather.
23Bobby Lake Eden Inn's new night bartender.
24Bill Offered Heiti a job.
 Lila Clarissa High teacher.
 Dr.BensonPinkie's boss.
26LynJacksonNancy's friend.
 Dorothy Hannah's The Cookie Jar booth neighbor.
 Faye Dorothy's sister.
27Violet Gary's sister. Many Hands's owner.
28June Superior Storage Facility supervisor.
30Rick Mike's colleague.
31Trish Michelle's friend.