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Kristian Fabricante
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 James D.HallidayThe Creator of OASIS. Deceased. aka: Jim.
   OASIS - A Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Game.
   OASIS - Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation.
   Adventure - James Donovan Halliday's First Video Game.
 WarrenRobinettThe Creator of Adventure.
 Anorak Jim's famous avatar.
 WinonaRyderAn American actress.
 ChristianSlaterAn American actor.
   Level One
1LorettaWattsWade's mother.
 Wade Owen-WattsProtagonist and Narrator.
 Alice Wade's aunt. Loretta's sister.
 Rick Alice's boyfriend.
 Mr.MillerOne of Wade's neighbors.
 Mrs.GilmoreWade's 70 year-old neighbor. Wade's friend. aka: Mrs. G.
2Parzival Wade's Oasis avatar name.
 Todd13 Wade's classmate in Algebra II.
   Ludus - A planet where OASIS Public School located. A No-PvP Zone.
   Incipio - A planet at Sector One where new Avatars spawned.
   Gunter - A player in Oasis.
   Sixers - IOI's Egg Hunters.
 Art3mis Owner of the blog Arty's Missive. Wade's Gunter Friend. aka: Claire.
   IOI - Innovative Online Industries.
 Aech Wade's online best friend.
3I-r0k A Gunter at The Basement's Chatroom.
   Basement - Aech's chat room.
4Mr.AvenovichWade's teacher in World History.
5Mr.CidersWade's advanced Oasis teacher.
 OgdenMorrowJim's best friend and business partner.
   MMOs - Massively Multiplayer Online Games.
   GGS - Gregarious Simulation System.
6Ms.RankWade's Latin teacher.
   The Limerick - James Halliday's Egg Hunt Clue.
 GaryGygaxOne of the Creators of Dungeon & Dragons.
8Acererak A monster at the Tomb of Horror.
   OST - Oasis Server Time.
9HowardJonesAn 80s poet.
11Matthew BroderickAn American actor.
 DavidLightmanMatthew Broderick's character in the movie "Wargames".
 Howie A Kid from the movie "Wargames".
12EdgarNashA Gunter Expert.
 KiraMorrowOgden Morrow's high school sweetheart.
 AllySheedyAn American actress.
13Daito A Gunter who came in 4th at the Leaderboard.
 Shoto A Gunter who came in 4th at the Leaderboard. Daito's best friend.
 NolanSorrentoThe Sixers's Infamous Leader.
   Level Two
16BryceLynchWade's bogus Identity.
17MarthaPlimptonAn American singer.
 SeanAstinAn American actor.
 JohnDraperA 70s Hacker. aka: Captain Crunch.
18Og Ogden Morrow's famous avatar.
   Neonoir - One of the largest and oldest planets in Oasis.
 ConnorMacleodA fictotinal character from the movie "Highlander".
20  ACHD - Anomatically Correct Haptic Doll.
 Max An AI portrayed by the actor Matt Frewer. Wade's friend in Oasis.
 ErinGrayAn actress.
   Falco - Wade's planet in Oasis.
 ShinHayataProtagonist in "Ultraman".
22WilliamHiginbothamThe Inventor of video game "Tennis for Two".
 ToruIwataniA Japanese game designer.
   Frobozz - Detailed as the re-creation of the game "Zork".
23  Xyzzy Cluster - Tribute to Oasis's Earliest Ancestor.
26PhilipK. DentonJames Halliday's Favorite Authors.
   Axrenox - The Cyberpunk-themed planet in Oasis.
 EldonTyrellTyrell's corporation founder.
27Syrinx A planet in Oasis located in Sector 21.
   Level Three
28JoeDanteThe Director of the movie "Explorers".
 MichaelWilsonIOI's credit and collections Officer.
29Nancy An IOI's Indenturement Counselor.
   IOI-N - The IOI's 24 Hour News Network.
 Hotcock007 Wade's first customer as an IOI Technical Support aide.
 HenrySwansonAech's bogus identity in IOI.
31HarryTuttleWade's IOI employeee identity.
33HelenHarrisAech's true identity.
 MarieHarrisAech's mother.
37DaveTheurerThe Creator of Tempest.
38ProfessorFalkenThe Creator of WOPR.