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Kristian Fabricante
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   Oasis - A massive reality multiplayer online game.
   Oni - Oasis Neutral Interface.
 Anorak Jim's famous avatar.
 JamesHallidayThe creator of Oasis. Deceased.
 Samantha EvelynCookWade's ex-girlfriend. Aka: Art3mis, Arty.
 Parzival Wade's virtual name. Aka: Parvenu.
 Wade OwenWattsProtagonist and Narrator.
 KiraMorrowOG's deceased wife. Aka: Karen.
 Leucosia Kira's famous avatar.
   Level 4
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 MartyMcFlyThe protagonist in Back to the Future.
 Mrs.GilmoreWade's old neighbor and friend. Deceased.
 Alice Wade's aunt.
 Max Wade's system agent software.
 Demetri Wade's personal cook.
 Aech Wade's online best friend.
 Shoto A High Five member. Wade's friend.
   0 0 0 2
 Beldevere One of Wade's AI.
 Vonnegut Wade's ship.
 TapiocaShindigA singer.
 PenisvilleH8r The player who posted some nasty things to Wade.
 Sean Wade's virtual therapist.
   MoTIV - Wade's mobile tactical immersion.
   0 0 0 3
 FaisalSodhiWade's head of operations.
 EndiraVinayakAech's girlfriend. A famous singer and bollywood star.
 Kiki Shoto's wife.
 Toshiro Shoto and Kiki's son. Aka: Little Daito.
 NolanSorrentoThe man who murdered Alice and Mrs. Gilmore.
   Ticks - The player who used up their 12-hour ONI time.
 EvelynEpal-CookSamantha's grandmother.
   0 0 0 4
 HayaoMiyasakiThe famous Japanese animator.
 L0hengrin Wade's fan girl. Aka: Skylar Castillo Adkins.
   0 0 0 5
   Cyberdelia - A private chat room.
 Kastagir The host of Cyberdelia. One of L0hengrin's friends.
 Lilith One of L0hengrin's friends.
 Wukong One of L0hengrin's friends. Aka: Caesar.
 IrisAdkinsL0hengrin's mother.
   0 0 0 7
 Marvin One of Wade's assistants.
   0 0 0 8
 MilesGendellThe head of GSS executive security team.
 Ahnold The post-governator.
   Level 5
   0 0 1 1
 RiekoKodamaThe first woman videogame designer.
 DonaBaileyA videogame designer.
 CarolShowA videogame designer.
 AlisLansdaleThe protagonist in Rieko's Phantasy Star.
 Hiro Shoto's grandfather.
 Ninniku The antagonist in Ninja Princess.
 Zaemon The antagonist in Ninja Princess.
 Kazamaru The main antagonist in Ninja Princess.
   0 0 1 2
 ZaemonGyokuroThe main villain at Kanten Castle.
 YoshikiKawasakiThe Sega's game designer.
   0 0 1 3
 AndyMacDowellAn American actress.
   0 0 1 6
 LongDuk DongA character in Sixteen Candles.
 Andie The protagonist in Pretty in Pink.
 Duckie Andie's lover.
   0 0 1 8
 GaryGnuA gnu-like TV show host.
 CharlieBabbittThe main protagonist of The Rainman.
 RaymondBabbittCharlie's autistic brother.
 QueenItsalotThe Queen of the Castle.
 Multiplikatar The evil wizard who captures King Itsalot.
   0 0 2 0
 Hagmar The evil wizard at Castle Anorak.
 RosalindFranklinA scientist.
   The Dorkslayer - OG's Anorak-killing sword.
   0 0 2 1
 Prince RogerNelsonAn American singer and songwriter.
 Marie Aech's mother.
   0 0 2 2
 MorrisDayThe lead singer of The Time.
   0 0 2 3
 MorgothBauglirThe dark lord in Dor Daedeloth. Aka: Melkor.
   0 0 2 4
 Carcharoth One of the scariest creatures of the Elder Days.
   Level 6
   0 0 3 0
 Ev3lyn Art3mis's grandmother.
 LorettaWattsWade's mother.