Characters - Alphabetical
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HannahAlbertOne of Amelia's schoolmates.
Ms.ApplemanSchool nurse.
TempestBainOne of Magpies new recruits.
AmeliaBaronHard working honor student.
KatherineBaronAmelia's mother. Aka: Kate.
RobertBaronKate's father.
Ms.BingAmelia's lacrosse coach.
LivBrittonAmelia's English professor .
FrankCarmonZadie's stepfather.
DylanCrosbyOne of the Maggies.
GretchenDealKate's mother.
Jessica DealerOne of Amelia's schoolmates.
SusanDolanIan's fling.
WillFinkleSecurity guard.
JeremyFirthHead of litigation at Slone, Thayer.
ChloeFrankeOne of Amelia's schoolmates.
BettyFriedanAmerican writer.
SylviaGoldeAmelia's best friend.
AdeleGoodwinZadie's mother.
ZadieGoodwinOne of the Maggies. Dylan's best friend.
IanGreeneSylvia's boyfriend.
Mr.HaleChemistry professor.
BethanyKaneLiv's student assistant.
CharlieKuglerOne of Magpies new recruits.
Dr.LiptonSchool psychologist from Grace Hall.
GeorgeMcDonnellOne of Amelia's schoolmates.
ChrisMellonAmelia's eighth grade admirer.
 MolinaPolice detective.
DanielMooreKate's former law school classmate, now fellow junior partner.
DeliaPearlDean of students at Grace Hall.
BrianPorterSylvia's crush.
WhitmanPriceSixth grade bully.
Ms.RitterAmelia's second grade teacher.
CarterRoseResident sophomore hottie.
VictorStarkeOne of Kate's clients.
LewisThompsonLieutenant at the Seventy-eighth Precinct. Aka: Lew.
KendallValenSchool flirt.
PhillipWoodhouseThe headmaster of Grace Hall.
Mr.ZaritskiAmelia's biology teacher.
Ainsley One of Amelia's schoolmates.
Andrew Jeremy's son
Beatrice Kate's secretary.
Beeper Julia's dog.
Ben Amelia's online friend.
Celeste Dylan's mother.
Duncan IT personnel.
Gabriel Kelsey's husband.
Gail Daniel's ex-wife.
Heather One of the Maggies. Aka: Honey Baxter.
Julia Sylvia's mother.
Kelsey Kate's neighbor.
Kylin One of Amelia's classmates.
Leelah Amelia's nanny.
Lola Thomas' daughter.
Matt One of Amelia's classmates.
Rachel One of the Maggies.
Raoul One of Amelia's classmates.
Rebecca Junior associate.
Rowan Kate's friend.
Seth Kate's former boyfriend, now best friend.
Teddy Frank's acquaintance.
Thomas Seth's boyfriend.
Vera Jeremy's wife.