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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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   Book 1
 BarrySuttonThe NYPD Detective. Protagonist.
 Ann VossPetersThe girl that Barry failed to stopped the suicide of.
   FMS - False Memory Syndrome.
 SamBehrmanAnn's son in her false memory.
 JoeBehrmanAnn's husband in her false memory.
 FrannyBehrmanJoe's wife.
 HelenaGray-SmithThe lead scientist who built the memory chair. Barry's ex-lover.
 Jee-woonChercoverHelena's colleague.
 Julia Barry's former wife.
 Anthony Julia's new husband.
 MeghanSuttonBarry's daughter. Deceased.
 GwendolineArcherBarry's friend. Leader of the Hercules Team.
   Hercules - A counterterrorism swat unit in NYPD's emergency service unit.
 NelsonMandelaFormer President of South Africa.
 MarcusSladeThe owner of the high technology company. Helena's boss.
 JohnPooleThe chief of police.
 DeCarlo Barry's co-police.
   MEG - Magnetoencephalography.
 Dorothy SmithHelena's mother.
 Sergei Helena's ex-lover. One of Slade's scientists.
 RajeshAnandSlade's software engineer.
 John Helena's colleague.
 Rachel Helena's colleague.
 Lenore One of Slade's imaging technicians.
 Tonya The bartender.
 Vince Barry's captor.
 Dr. PaulWilsonSlade's project manager for the medical team.
 ReedKingThe test subject.
 Dana Dr. Wilson's assistant.
 Mindy Meghan's lab partner.
 Jacob Meghan's friend.
 Kevin Meghan's friend.
 Sarah Meghan's friend.
   Book 2
 JonJordanThe new test subject.
 MichaelDillmanOne of the test subjects.
 NancySmithHelena's older daughter.
 JosephHartMeghan's crush. The Chef.
 AmorTowelsThe renowned architect of the big bend.
 Mclachlan Owner of a restaurant.
   Book 3
 Carla The bartender.
   Book 4
 Alonzo Helena's captor.
 Jessica Helena's captor.
   DARPA - The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.
 JohnShawThe person in-charge at DARPA.
 TimoneyRodriguezThe test subject at DARPA. A soldier.
 SteveCrowderNavy Seal. The test subject at DARPA.
 AlbertKinneyThe RAND systems theorist.
 AlanTuringThe father of computer and artificial intelligence.
 DaisyRobinsonThe girl that Steve murdered.
 GlennGreenwaldThe news publisher.
 PeterJenningsThe news reporter.
   Book 5
 SheilaRedlingThe homicide detective.