Characters - Alphabetical
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MalcolmAlgernon PhilipsOne of the Russian spies.
BorisAlushevskyThe Line R chief.
PatBenatarThe pop singer.
SimonBenfordThe counter-intelligence chief in CIA Washington.
StephanieBoucherUnited States senator. A mole in the SVR. AKA: Swan.
John PaulBullardA midlevel analyst in National Communication Service.
CecilDelonDelon's daughter.
SimonDelonDominika's first target.
ColonelDigtyarA Ukranian colonel. AKA: Directorate K.
DominikaEgorovVanya's niece. A ballerina who became a Russian spy. AKA: Katia, Nadia, and Diva.
Ivan DimitrevichEgorovThe first Deputy Director in Yasenevo. AKA: Vanya.
NinaEgorovDominika's mother. A concertmaster.
VassilyEgorovDominika's father. A famous academician professor.
TomForsythGondorf's new Chief of Station in Helsinki.
MartyGableCIA deputy chief of station. AKA: Bratok.
General AnatolyGolovPutin's resident in Washington.
GordonGondorfA line KR chief. Nate's superior.
AliceInuNate's new workmate.
KurdKidOne of Gable's agents.
VolodyaKorchnoiThe KGB's Chief Directorate. Chief of SVR. CIA double agent. AKA: Marble.
ElwoodMaratosAn FBI Special Agent.
SergeyMatorinThe executioner of SVR.
CharlesMontgomeryFBI's Chief of Bureau of the National Security Division.
SonyaMoroyevaDominika's classmate.
YuriNasarenkoThe director of Line T.
NathanielNashCIA 'Intel Ops' agent.
AdmiralNelsonThe CIA Chief in Europe.
LyudmilaPavlichenkoThe deadliest female sniper in history.
VladimirPutinThe first deputy minister.
JaanaRaikkonenGable's former spy. Marcus's wife. AKA: Veronica.
MarcusRaikkonenGable's former spy. AKA: Archie.
JenniferSantiniA spy.
ColonelSimyonovChief of Fifth Department.
AnthonyTrunkThe assistant trade minister.
GalinaUlanovaThe Prima Ballerina of the Bolshoi after the war.
DmitriUstinovA leading member of the fraternity of Gangster Russian Oil and Mining oligarch.
MaximVolontovSBR resident in the Russian Embassy. Dominika's superior.
MartaYelanovaDominika's colleague.
AlexeiZyuganovEgorov's line KR counter-intelligence chief.
Anya Dominika's colleague in Sparrow School.
Black Matorin's associate.
C/ROD Chief of ROD.
Carl Nate's hand-to-hand instructor.
Dimitry Egorov's personal aide.
Ginsburg CIA tech. Nate's colleague.
Jay One of Nate's surveillance instructors.
Khodorkovsky A Russian oligarch.
Konstantin Sonya's lover.
Leavitt Nash's colleague.
Mikhail Dominika's SVR psychology instructor.
Missy Boucher's third personal assistant.
Sophie Alice's friend.
Tishkov The ambassador's translator.