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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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ProAlex StaffordSarah's father.
 Mae  Alex Stafford's girlfriend.
 Sarah  Mae's daughter.
 Cleo  A maid.
 Mr. PennyrodA firewood supplier.
 Bob  A butcher.
 Merrick  Cleo's boyfriend.
 Stump  A barkeeper.
 Rab  Mae's live-in-partner.
 Stella  Rab's friend.
 Radley  Rab's acquaintance.
 Sally  Duke's buddy.
 Angel  Sarah's name given by Duke.
 Duke  A man who raped Sarah.
1Bret MagowanA guard at the brothel.
 Duchess  One who manage the brothel.
 Frenchie  One of the harlots.
 Mai-Ling  One of the harlots.
 Lucky  Angel's friend.
2Michael HoseaA farmer.
 Joseph HochschildA storekeeper.
3Mara  The name Michael use to call Sarah.
 Johnny  Angel's acquaintance.
 Meggie  One of the harlots.
4Rebecca  One of the harlots.
 Torie  One of the harlots.
 Renee  One of the harlots.
5Henri  A house boy.
 Priscilla LantryLucky's aunt. Aka: Priss.
 Bonnie  Lucky's name.
 Sharon  Bonnie's mother.
 Missus AbernathyA schoolmaster.
 Pit  A bartender.
8Tessie  Michael Hosea's sister.
 Paul  Tessie's husband.
12Tirzah  Angel's other name given by Michael.
 Amanda  Angel's name when Michael introduced her to Paul. Aka:Mandy.
14Salome  Herodias's daughter.
 Delilah  A woman mentioned in the 16th chapter of the book of Judges.
 Jezebel  Ahab's wife.
15Murphy  A saloon owner.
 Max  Murphy's friend.
17Gomer  The wife of the prophet Hosea.
 Percy  A man at Joseph's store.
 Ferguson  Percy's partner.
18Rahab  The prostitute of the Canaanite City of Jericho.
 Ruth  Slept with a man she wasn't married to.
 Bathsheba  Wife of Uriah Hittite and later of David.
 Ezra  A high priest.
 Joshua  A religious leader.
 Miriam  The Altman's eldest daughter.
 Jacob  Miriam's brother.
 Andrew  Jacob's brother.
 Leah  Miriam's sister.
 Ruth Ann  Miriam's youngest sister. aka: Ruthie.
 Elizabeth AltmanMiriam's mother. Aka: Lizzie.
 Johnny AltmanElizabeth's husband.
 David Altman  Elizabeth's dead son.
 Megan  One of the harlots.
19Brother BartholomewAn Italian explorer.
 Fengus  Duke's buddy.
20Hades  Greek God.
22Sam TealA wagon owner.
 Meribah  Joseph Hochschild's wife.
 Rebekkah  Joseph Hochschild's mother.
24Suzanna  An Indonesian actress.
25Solomon  King of Israel.
 David 1  A shepherd boy.
Goliath A nine foot giant.
28Benjamin Michael  Elizabeth's new born baby.
29Virgil HarperOwner of Harper's Café.
 Father Patrick  A priest.
30Cherry  A young girl at Duke's house.
 Charles  Duke's acquaintance.
31Jonathan AxleA banker.
 Susanna  Jonathan Axle's daughter.
 Faith  A girl who was raped by Duke.
 Priscilla AxleSusanna's mother.
32Steven  A man who was studying to be a minister.
EpiStephen  Michael and Sarah's eldest son.
 Luke  Stephen's brother.
 Lydia  Michael and Sarah's daughter.
 Esther  Lydia's sister.
 Mark  Paul and Miriam's eldest son.
 David 2  One of Mark's brother.
 Nathan  One of Mark's brother.