Characters - Alphabetical
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ElizabethBaileyProsecutor. aka Beth.
AgathaBatesSusan's neighbor.
RossBogartFBI Special Agent. Head of a task force.
SallyBrimmerWorks in Public Affairs at Burlington Police Department.
HarperBrownMelvin's girlfriend.
ChristineBurlinKen's Secretary.
PeterChildressSuperintendent of the Police Department.
AnthonyDeAngeloOne of the neighbors of the Richards.
Mrs.DeAngeloAnthony's wife.
AmosDeckerProtagonist. Consultant to the FBI.
CassieDeckerAmos' wife. Deceased.
MollyDeckerAmos' daughter. Deceased.
 DickersonJudge at Burlington.
AnatolyEgorshinYuri's mother.
YuriEgorshinRussian. Born in east Germany.
KellyFairweatherCrime Scene Technician.
KenFingerLawyer. Public Defender assigned to Meryl's case.
BradGardinerMitzi's husband.
MitziGardinerHawkins's daughter.
LisaHawkinsMeryl's wife.
MerylHawkinsFormer prisoner.
AlexJamisonAlex's partner at the FBI. Former journalist.
DavidKatzFormer owner of American Grill Restaurant. Victim.
RachelKatzDavid's wife.
EarlLancasterMary's husband.
MaryLancasterFormer partner of Amos at Burlington Police Department.
SandyLancasterMary's daughter.
DuncanMarksRich. Hired Amos as Private Detective several years ago.
JennyMarksDuncan's daughter.
MelvinMarsAmos' best friend.
MacKenzieMillerCaptain at Burlington Police Department. aka Mac.
ToddMilliganFBI Special Agent.
BlakeNattyDetective at the Burlington Police Department.
FranNattyBlake's wife.
FredPalmerOwns a construction company.
BillPeytonManager of the American Grill Restaurant.
AbigailRichardsDonald's daughter. aka Abby.
DonaldRichardsVictim. aka Don.
FrankieRichardsDonald's son.
SusanRichardsDonald's wife.
JohnnySacksAmos' brother-in-law. Deceased.
KarlStevensDrugs supplier.
BartTinsdaleVice President of a bank in Burlington.
EricTysonFormer Military. Sniper.
ChuckWaltersBoss of Arson Investigators.
Daniel Trainee at the American Grill Restaurant.
June Works at the Residence Inn.
Nancy Acquaintance of Earl.