Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1  Day 1,299 of My Captivity
 MarcellusMcSquiddlesA giant Pacific octopus.
 TerranceBaileyThe Sowell Bay Aquarium's director. aka: Terry.
2  The Silver-Dollar Scar
 TovaSullivanSowell Bay Aquarium's oldest employee.
 Erik ErnestSullivanTova's son.
 William PatrickSullivan Tova's husband. aka: Will.
 MacKenzie A young lady who works the admission kiosk.
4  Falsehood Cookies
 Mary AnnMinettiOne of Tova's friends.
 JaniceKimOne of Tova's friends.
 Timothy Janice's son.
 BarbaraVanderhoofOne of Tova's friends. aka: Barb.
 Andie Barbara's daughter.
 PeterKimJanice's husband.
 Rick Barbara's husband.
 Mark Andie's husband.
 Rolo Janice's little dog.
 Sully Barb's golden retriever.
 LarsLindgrenTova's older brother.
 MaureenCochranWorked at the Charter Village Long-Term Care Center.
6  The Welina Mobile Park Is For Lovers
 CameronCassmoreA young man abandoned by his mother when he was a child.
 Brad Cameron's best friend.
 Elizabeth Brad's wife.
 Jeanne Cameron's aunt.
 SissyBakerJeanne's neighbor.
 JimmyDelmonicoJeanne's landlord.
 Katie Cameron's girlfriend.
 Daphne AnnCassmoreCameron's mother.
7  Day 1,302 of My Captivity
 Dr.SantiagoA veterinarian.
8  June Gloom
 EthanMackA store owner.
 Denise Lar's wife.
 Tanner Ethan's new boy bagger.
 CraigMorenoOne of a news anchors.
 CarlaKetchumOne of a news anchors.
 JoanDennisonA meteorologist.
 David FosterWallaceAmerican fiction writer and essayist.
 Cat Tova's little cat.
9  Chasing a Lass
 Cindy Ethan's wife.
 Mariah Ethan's sister.
11  Baby Vipers are Especially Deadly
 Old Al A bartender.
13  Muckle Teeth
 BruceLaHueAn attorney for the estate of Lars Lindgren.
18  Bugatti and Blondie
 EttoreBugattiItalian automobile designer and manufacturer.
 DebbieHarryAmerican singer, songwriter and actress.
 AdamWrightErik Sullivan's classmate.
20  Nothing Stays Sunk Forever
 Colette A hairdresser.
22  Not a Movie Star, But Maybe a Pirate
 SimonBrinksA elusive real estate tycoon.
23  The Technically True Story
 Mrs.SorensonTova's neighbor.
 Dr.RemyTova's physician.
 Gretchen A receptionist.
24  Got Baggage?
 Elliot Cameron's new acquaintance.
25  Busted But Loyal
 Laura Mary Ann's daughter.
29  Not Glamorous Work
 JohnHallAn employee from Brinks' Development.
31  A Sucker for Injured Creatures
 JessicaSmellA realtor. aka: Jess.
 Avery Owner of a paddle shop.
32  Epitaph and Pens
 Bryan A bank teller.
 Cesar Bryan's father.
 Mrs.KretchTova's acquaintance.
33  Conscience Does Make Cowards of Us All
 WilliamShakespeareEnglish poet, playwright, and actor.
34  Expect the Unexpected
 Scylla A sea monster.
38  A Three-Martini Truth
 Tatum Laura's daughter.
 Isabelle Laura's granddaughter.
 Omar Mary Ann's acquaintance.
 SandyHewittAdam Wright's better half.
39  The Pier's Shadow
 Marco Avery's son.
 Kyle One of Marco's friends.
 Nate One of Marco's friends.
 Josh Avery's friend.
40  There Was a Girl
 AshleyBarringtonOne of Erik's friends.
 Jenny LynMasonOne of Erik's friends.
 StephanieLeeErik's classmate.
47  The Downside of Free Food
 Mike Sowell Bay's overnight patrolman.
48  Not a Date
 JerryGarciaThe lead singer of Grateful Dead.
49  A Rare Specimen
 ChuckBerryAn American singer, songwriter and guitarist.
 Little Richard American pianist, singer and songwriter.
 ElvisPresleyAmerican singer and actor.
 Patrick Worked at Charter Village.
53  A Big Bold Lie
 MelodyPattersonShop-Way's day manager.
 MichelleYatesAn employee from Brinks' Development.
54  The Sob
 Natalie Simon Brinks' daughter.
66  After All
 Henry Brad and Elizabeth's son.
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