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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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   Book I
1  Maslova In Prison
 KaterinaMaslovaA prisoner.aka: Katusha.
 Tchouvash A soldier.
2  Maslova's Early Life
 SophiaIvanovnaKatusha's godmother.
 MariaIvanovnaSophia's sister.
 Carolina AlbertovnaKitaevaA brothel-keeper.
3  Nekhludoff
 Dmitri IvanovitchNekhludoffLieutenant of the guards.
 AgraphenaPetrovnaFormerly lady's maid to Nekhludoff's mother.
 Princess M.KorchaginNekhludoff's bride to be.
 Ivan IvanovitchKolosoffA former Marechal de Noblesse now a bank director.
 HenryGeorgeAn American political economist and journalist.
 HerbertSpencerAn English philosopher and political theorist.
4  Missy
 PrinceKorchaginMissy's father.
 MaryVasilievnaThe Marechal's wife.
5  The Jurymen
 PeterBaklasheffA Merchant of the Second Guild. One of the juries.
 PeterGerasimovitchA former teacher. One of the juries.
6  The Judges
 ClaraVasilievnaNekhludoff's acquaintance.
 MatthewNikitichOne of the members of the court.
 Breve A public prosecutor.
 MichaelPetrovitchThe president of the court.
7  The Officials Of The Court
 J. M.NikiforoffA Councillor of State.
 Ivan SemionovitchIvanoffA retired colonel.
 Youri DemitrievitchDantchencoA merchant.
 Grigori EuphimitchKouleshoffOne of the officials of the court.
9  The Trial - The Prisoners Questioned
 Simeon PetrovKartinkinOne of the prisoners.
 Euphemia IvanovnaBotchkovaOne of the prisoners.
10  The Trial - The Indictment
 Therapont EmilianovichSmelkoffA merchant.
 Timokhin A merchant. Smellkoff's companion.
 Lubka Katerina Maslova's alias.
11  The Trial - Maslova Crossed-Examined
 Bertha Katerina's acquaintance.
12  Twelve Years Before
 FyodorDostoevskyA Russian novelist.
 Pierre-NicolasTourgueneffA French sculptor and painter.
 MatronaPavlovnaAn old servant of Nekhludoff's aunt.
 ElenaIvanovnaNekhludoff's mother.
14  The Second Meeting With Maslova
 Tikhon A man-servant.
 Polkan A dog.
 Schonbock Nekhludoff's friend.
21  The Trial - The Prosecutor And The Advocates
 Sadko One of a hotel guests.
25  Nekhludoff Consults An Advocate
 Fanarin An advocate.
26  The House Of Korchagin
 Michael SergeivitchTeleginMissy's cousin. aka:Misha.
 SophiaVasilievnaMissy's mother.
 MissRaynerA governess of Missy's little sister.
 Petia Missy's brother.
 KaterinaAlexeevnaA maiden lady.
 Stephen A Korchagin's butler.
 Mr.CrooksMissy's acquaintance.
27  Missy's Mother
 IlyaRepinA Russian-empire painter of Ukrainian birth.
 Philip A footman.
 CaesareLombrosoAn Italian criminologist, phrenologist, physician.
 EdvardGriegA Norwegian composer and pianist.
28  The Awakening
 Corney Nekhludoff's man servant.
30  The Cell
 Korableva A woman who killed her husband with an axe.
 TheodosiaBirukoffA woman who attempted to poison her husband.
 Khoroshavka A girl who was convicted for stealing and incandiarism.
31  The Prisoners
 Norableva One of the prisoners.
32  A Prison Quarrel
 Finashka Maslova's acquaintance.
 EmanuelSchegloffA linguist.
33  The Leaven At Work-Nekhludoff's Domestic Changes
 Natasha Nekhludoff''s sister.
 Lisenka Agraphena's married niece.
43  Nekhludoff Visits Maslova
 MaryKarlovnaA warder.
45  Fanarin, The Advocate-The Petition
 MickyMeslennikoffVice-governor at the prisons.
 AnatoleKryltzoffAn author.
 VsevolodGarshinA Russian author of short stories.
46  A Prison Flogging
 Menshova Maslova's acquaintance.
47  Nekhludoff again Visits Maslova
 Federoff The chief of robbers.
 Okhotin An inveterate thief.
48  Maslova Refuses To Marry
 Menshoff One of the prisoners.
49  Vera Doukhova
 VeraDoukhovaA school-teacher in and out-of-the-way village.
 Joseph A driver.
54  Prisoners and Friends
 Kolia A boy who was in prison with his political prisoner's mother.
55  Vera Doukhova Explains
 Gourkevitch Doukhova's friend.
56  Nekhludoff And The Prisoners
 Medinzeff Nekhludoff's new acquaintance.
57  The Vice-Governor's "At Home"
 AnnaIgnatievnaThe Vice-Governor's wife.
 MadamTilyaevskyOne of Anna Ignatievna's acquaintances.
 M.ChernoffOne of Anna Ignatievna's acquaintances.
   Book II
1  Property In Land
 Kirimova Nekhludoff's mother's visitor.
2  Efforts At Land Restoration
 VasiliKarlovitchA steward.
3  Old Associations
 Panovo Nekhludoff's old acquaintance.
 Matrona Kharina Katusha's aunt.
4  The Peasants' Lot
 Fedka Nekhludoff's new acquaintance.
5  Maslova's Aunt
 Michael One of the peasants.
 SimonMakhroffOne othe peasants.
 Martha One of the peasants.
 Anisia One of the peasants.
 Vaska One of the peasants.
 Malania A woman who took Katusha's baby.
8  God's Peace In The Heart
 NikolenkaIrtenieffNekhludoff's acquaintance.
9  The Land Settlement
 Uncle Simon One of the land workers.
12  Why The Peasants Flock To Town
 Dufour A Frenchman who bought the estate from the former landlord.
13  Nurse Maslova
 Clara Maslova's acquaintance.
14  An Aristocratic Circle
 LydiaShoustovaVera Doukhova's friend.
 Katerina IvanovnaTcharskyNekhludoff's aunt.
 Leo Katerina Ivanovna's cousin.
 Kiesewetter A preacher.
 BaronKriegsmuthNekhludoff's father's comrade.
 Tcherviansky Mariette's husband.
 Mariette Countess Katerina Ivanona's friend.
 Alexander II Emperor of Russia.
 Kamenskaya Mariette's friend.
15  An Average Statesman
 IvanMichaelovitchHad been a minister of State.
 Vladimir VasilievitchWolffA senator of the Appeal Department.
16  An Up-To-Date Senator
 Kaminski A young man who had been killed by an officer.
 BaronVorobioffA member of the Petition Committee.
18  Officialdom
 Skovorodnikoff A theoretical senator.
 Bay A practical lawyer.
 Paul I Emperor of Russia.
19  An Old General Of Repute
 Nicholas I Emperor of Russia.
 Joan of Arc A French folk heroine and Roman Catholic saint.
20  Maslova's Appeal
 Nikitin One of the senators.
 Selenin A public prosecutors.
21  The Appeal Dismissed
 Viglanoff A member of the appealing committee.
23  The Public Prosecutor
 Voltaire A French writer, historian, and philosopher.
 ArthurSchopenhauerA German philosopher.
 AugusteComteA French philosopher and pioneer of positivism.
 Georg W. F.HegelA German philosopher and theologian.
 AlekseyKhomyakovA Russian philosopher.
24  Mariette Tempts Nekhludoff
 Bogotyreff An aid-de-camp to the Emperor.
25  Lydia Shoustova's home
 Kornilova Sister of Shoustova's mother.
 Zakharov Shoustova's cousin.
 Mitin Shoustova's acquaintance.
27  The State Church And The People
 Toporoff Nekhludoff's acquaintance.
29  For Her Sake And For God's
 Henry DavidThoreauAn American essayist, poet, and philosopher.
30  The Astonishing Institution Called Criminal Law
 JaneaneGarofaloAn American stand-up comedienne.
 HenryMaudsleyA British psychiatrist.
31  Nekhludoff's Sister And Her Husband
 Nathalie IvanovnaRogoshinskyNekhludoff's sister.
 Rogoshinsky Nathalie's husband.
33  The Aim Of The Law
 Kamenski A man who died in a duel.
34  The Prisoners Start For Siberia
 Taras Theodosia's husband.
35  Not Men But Strange And Terrible Creatures?
 Koroshavka One of the prisoners.
41  Tara's Story
 Mavra A factory worker's wife.
 Vargoushoff An officer.
   Book III
2  An Incident Of The March
 Lineff A prisoner's daughter.
3  Mary Pavlovna
 Novodvoroff Mary Pavlona's companion.
5  The Political Prisoners
 Sholostova Nekhludoff's acquaintance.
6  Kryltzoff's Story
 Petroff One of Kryltzoff's acquaintances.
 Pole One of Kryltzoff's acquaintances.
 Lozinsky One of Kryltzoff's acquaintances.
 Rozovsky One of Kryltzoff's acquaintances.
8  Nekhludoff And The Officer
 Bernoff A soldier.
 Emma Nekhludoff's acquaintance.
 Vakouloff An officer.
10  Makar Devkin
 Kalmanoff A criminal.
 MakarDevkinA convict for attempted murder and robbery.
11  Maslova And Her Companion
 EmilyRintzevaOne of a political prisoners.
 Grabetz A beautiful girl whom Novodvoroff was in love with.
12  Nabatoff And Markel
 Nabatoff A peasant.
 MarkelKondretiefA factory hand.
 KarlMarxA German philosopher.
15  Novodvoroff
 Narodovoletz A revolutionist.
18  Neveroff's fate
 Petlin A revolutionist.
 Neveroff One of the criminals who took suicide.
 AlexanderHerzenA Russian author, philosopher, and revolutionary.
19  Why Is It Done?
 FriedrichNietzscheA German philosopher.
24  The General's Household
 Ludwig vanBeethovenA German composer and pianist.
 Katie The general's granddaughter.
 Vasiuk The general's grandson.
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