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Characters By Chapter  
Ry Smith
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1       Val   Financier. aka: Valentine.
    Walker   Evans   Photographer.
    Tinker   Grey   Banker. aka: Teddy, Theodore.
    Eve   Ross   Midwesterner. aka: Evelyn.
    Katey   Kontent   aka: Katherine.
    Henry   Grey   Tinker's brother. aka: Hank.
3   Miss   Markham   Head of secretary pool.
    Charlotte   Sykes   Secretary in pool.
4   Fran   Pacelli   Border. aka: Peaches.
    Anne   Grandyn   Tinker's godmother.
6   Sally   Salamore   A religious "sister".
    Bucky       Stockbroker.
7   Wyss       Bucky's wife.
    Wallace   Wolcott   With Tinker at St. George's Prep School.
8   Grubb       Man in bar - Fran's friend.
    Johnny   Jerekins   Grubb's friend in bar.
    Mark       Grubb's friend in bar.
    Jake   de Roscher   Rich man at racetrack.
    Carie   Clapboard   de Roscher's fiancée
9   Michael       Chauffeur
    Terry   Trumbull   Tinker's friend from The Union Club.
10   Thomas   Harper   Katey's client.
    Bryce       Grandyn's secretary.
    John   Singleton   Former Delaware Senator.
11   Happy   Doran   Woman at La Belle Epoque restaurant.
    Bob   Doran   Happy's husband.
    Roscoe       Katey's uncle.
12   Nathaniel   Parish   Senior fiction editor at Pembroke Press.
    Terrance   Taylor   Works at Pembroke Press.
    Beckman   Canon   Works at Pembroke Press.
    Susie   Vanderwhile   Assistant at Pembroke Press.
    Dicky   Vanderwhile   Susie's brother from Princeton.
    Helen       Assistant at Pembroke Press.
    Jenny       Assistant at Pembroke Press.
    Roberto       Dicky's friend.
    Mason   Tate   Conde' Nast office head.
13   Alley   McKenna   Works at Conde' Nast.
    Jacob   Weiser   Conde Nast Comptroller.
    Nicholas   Fesindorf   Conde' Nast employee.
14   Bitsy   Houghton   Wolcott's friend and Shooting Club member.
15       Vitters   Conde' Nast staff photographer.
16   Devlin   Hollingsworth   Owner of Long Island estate.
            Ravissant - delightful, charming.
            Satoir de perles - string of pearls.
            Sotto voce - spoken in a quiet voice.
17       Tilson   Policeman.
        Finneran   Policeman.
19   Natty   Bumpo   In James Fenimore Cooper's Leatherstocking Tales.
    Billy   Bogadoni   Katey's neighbor growing up.
20   Bryce       Grandyn's secretary.
24   Emma   Goldman   An anarchist political activist and writer.
26   Niles   Copperthwaite   Attorney. Delivery guy.
    King       Wharf worker.
    Carter       Katey's friend.