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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1   Ma       Jack's mother.
    Jack       5-year old boy.
    Nick       Jack and Ma's abductor. aka: him.
2   Paul       Ma's brother. Jack's uncle.
3   Raja       Dog.
    Ajeet       Man who helped Jack and called the police.
    Naisha       Ajeet's daughter.
    Ms.   Oh   Police officer.
4   Dr.   Clay   Doctor at Cumberland Clinic. Jack & Ma's psychiatrist.
    Pilar       Admission Coordinator at Cumberland.
    Dr.   Kendrick   Doctor at Cumberland.
    Noreen       Jack and Ma's nurse.
    Leo       Ma's stepfather. aka: Steppa.
    Hugo       Patient at Cumberland.
    Mrs.   Garber   Patient.
    Morris       Jack and Ma's lawyer.
    Deana       Paul's partner.
    Bronwyn       Paul and Deana's daughter.
    Sharon       Ma's friend.
    Michael   Keelor   Ma's friend.
    Joyce       Ma's friend.
    Dr.   Lopez   Ma's dentist.
    Yang       Dentist's assistant.
    Shirelle       Bronwyn's friend.
5   Cora       Girl at the playground.
    Bill       Husband of a lady from Grandma's book club.
    Walker       Kid at the library.
    Loreana       Lady at the store.