Characters - Alphabetical
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Miss BarbaraHostess at THE FRIENDS' Club.
CharlotteBellRuby's mother.
GirdieBellYoungest of the Bell girls.
MisterBellBell girls father.
Neva AnnettaBellEldest of the Bell girls.
PapaBellRuby's grandfather.
RubyBellColored girl being raised by White folks.
EdBloomOwner of Bloom's Juke.
ShepBloomEd's brother.
MinisterBowingThe minister who married Otha and Reverend Jennings.
K.O.CharlesCelia's ex-boyfriend.
MarilynDanielsOtha's mother.
SarahGeoffreyEphram's childhood crush.
MasterGibbsCotton field owner.
CharliseGladdingtonRuby's handler.
Dr.GlassOtha's doctor.
PeterGreenOne of Miss Barbara's clients.
Mrs.GregoryOne of the town folks.
MinnieHardyK.O.'s cousin.
ClaudJacksonThe man who lost his cattle.
CeliaJenningsEphram's older sister.
EphramJenningsThe man who loved Ruby since childhood.
Omar JenningsCelia and Ephram's father. Aka: Reverend Jennings.
SofiaJenningsReverend Jennings mother.
Otha BeatriceJennings Celia and Ephram's mother. Aka: Otha Daniels.
SheriffJuniorGeorge's son.
JulieLeechPeter's wife.
PeterLeechViceroy of the First National Bank.
GeorgeLevyTown sheriff.
JeffreyLevyPresident of First National Bank.
LucyLevyJulie's mother.
HubertMalloyFur merchant.
DeaconMarcus,Man who always bought his wife a bouquet of flowers on Friday.
ErnestMeagersSofia's lover.
AbbyMillhousePage Three's bouncer and the club manager's best friend.
ShermanMontyThe owner of Monty's delicatessen.
Mr.MoskowitzRuby's neighbor.
MoPertyOne of the town folks.
MissPhilomenaStore owner. Aka: Miss P.
MercyPolkAka: Mother Mercy.
RighteousPolkOne of the church sisters.
ChauncyRankinOne of the Rankin brothers.
JunieRankinChauncy's great-uncle.
MelonieRankinCelia's opponent's daughter.
Mr.RankinSupra's husband.
PenterRankinOne of the Rankin brothers.
PercyRankinChauncy's brother.
SimRankinOne of the Rankin brothers.
SupraRankinThe Rankin boys' mother.
Verde MayRankinSupra's daughter.
GertieRenfolkOne of the choir members.
MossRenfolkOne of the town folks.
PaulaRenfolkMiss Barbara's maid.
Baby Girl SamuelsGubber's cousin.
GubberSamuelsEphram's friend.
RupertShankleRuby's neighbor.
EdwinShephardShephard's Mortuary owner.
GrandmaSilviaThe woman who ran a children's boarding school in Neches.
ClancySimkinsEphram's neighbor.
Mr.SimpkinsOne of the town folks.
ReverendSwansonThe reverend who got Honey pregnant.
MissSybilThe laundress.
MaTanteWitch doctor.
SisterThelmaSupra Rankin's husband's lover.
Dr.TullyDoctor from Beaumont.
BeulahWilkinsMaggie's mother.
MargaretWilkinsRuby's friend. Aka: Maggie.
SorrellWilkinsOne of the town folks.
Bea Hubert's daughter-in-law.
Bessie 1 Mo's wife.
Bessie 2 Junie's wife.
Betty Ten year old girl.
Billy Costume designer.
Charles Percy's brother.
Charlie  Glister's son.
Clara Moss Percy's wife.
Clem Gubber's Uncle.
Evelyn K.O.'s wife.
Glister Ephram's neighbor.
Grace Righteous Polk's cousin.
Honey Righteous Polk's daughter.
Jeb K.O.'s brother.
Jonah Station master.
Joshua Pastor at In-His-Name Holiness Church.
Lem One of Bloom's Juke's customers.
Lily Sarah Geoffrey's cousin.
Mabel One of Bloom's Juke prostitutes.
Mandy Petty's seven-month-old son.
May The Pastor Joshua's wife.
Millie Chauncy Rankin's horse.
Pete One of Bloom's Juke's customers.
Pete Tippy's dog.
Petunia Junie's sister.
Rooster Chauncy's younger brother.
Salvation Righteous Polk's sister.
Samella  One of Beulah's daughters.
Tanny Ruby's friend.
Taylor K.O.'s older brother.
Tippy Ruby's great-uncle.
Tressie Moss Renfolk's wife.