Characters - Alphabetical
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LindyAscoliMay's childhood friend. Aka: Lindy Casacoli.
BenAttawayMay's brother.
EarlAttawayMay's father.
MayAttawayNarrator and Protagonist. A gardener.
MirandaAttawayMay's mother.
DanielleBelieuMay's former neighbor and friend.
JamesBowellJohnson's friend and biographer.
JessieCasacoliLindy and Max's daughter.
MonaCasacoliLindy and Max's daughter.
MaxCasaubonLindy's husband. Aka: Max Casacoli.
BethGouldEarl's friend and neighbor.
PhillipGouldBeth's husband.
RoseGregoryMay's friend. Owner of Santos's garage.
KingHrothgarThe king who built the Heorot.
WilliamJacksonA professor at University of Georgia.
SamuelJohnsonAn author.
AdamKhademNeera's husband.
NeeraKhademMay's college roommate.
SaraKhademNeera and Adam's daughter.
Mrs.KimOwner of a convenience store.
AbbyMaraThe reporter.
VanessaMeyersMay and Lindy's 8th grade friend.
SusanMintMay's co-worker. Aka: Sue.
BlakeO'DellMay's boss.
Mrs.ProffittThe woman with 9 children.
LeoSantosMay's friend. Owner of Santos's Garage.
KatharineWhiterA gardener.
AmberWrightA writer.
Atlas God of Endurance.
Bella Helped Earl.
Beowulf The protagonist of the movie called Beowulf.
Bonnie A blue taurus.
Colby Vanessa's stepson.
Elizabeth Amber's co-writer.
Grendel Hrothgar's warriors.
Grendel May's suitcase.
Henry Helped Earl.
Heorot The famous Palace and Mead Hall.
Hester Narrator's cat.
Hestia The Goddess of Family and Home.
Hodge Samuel Johnson's cat.
Janine The Attaways's neighbor.
Maria Sue's partner.
Mary Jesus Christ's mother.
Rhea Hestia's daughter.
Richard Vanessa's husband.
Sean Vanessa's stepson.
Shadow Richard and Vanessa's dog.