Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1   Nora   Rafferty   Charlie's wife. Took care of Patrick.
    Patrick       Nora's nephew. Theresa's son. aka: Pat.
    Bridget       John's sister. Gay.
    John   Rafferty   Nora's husband.
    Brian       Bridget's youngest brother. aka: Four.
    Charlie   Rafferty   Nora's husband.
    Rory   McClain   Walter McClain's son.
2   Mrs.   Quinlan   Charlie's father's cousin.
    Theresa   Flynn   Nora's youngest sister. aka: Kate/Mother Cecilia.
    Martin       Nora's only brother.
    Aoife       Nora's old school friend.
    George       Aoife's husband.
    Oona C.   Donneley   Nora's best friend.
    Lawrence       Charlie's brother.
    John   Glynn   Nora's great-grandfather.
    Kitty       Charlie's sister.
    Peter       Charlie's oldest brother.
    Father   Boyle   A priest.
3   Anna       Madeleine's friend.
    Helen       Abigail's friend.
    Abigail       Ninth-grade math teacher.
    Cillian       Boy who kissed Nora on the ship.
    Elizabeth       Mrs. Quinlan's niece.
    Babs   BcGuire   Lawrence's wife.
    Bobby   Quinlan   Mrs. Quinlan's son.
    Nellie       Mrs. Quinlan's mother.
    Matthew       Charlie's brother.
    Jack       Matthew's brother.
    Mrs.   Byrne   Mrs. Quinlan's friend.
4   Mary   Dolan   Theresa's older cousin.
    Annabelle       Mary's sister.
    Walter   McClain   Junior executive at Boston Edison plant.
    Rose       Patty's sister.
    Patty       Rose's twin sister.
    Shiela       Theresa's friend.
5   Josephine       Nun at Saint Mary.
    Patricia (1)       Mae's roommate. aka: Susan.
    Elizabeth       Theresa's roommate. aka: Mae.
6   Alma       Nun at Immaculate Conception.
    Dickey   Dolan   A bishop.
7   Julia       John Rafferty's wife.
    Maeve       Julia's adopted daughter.
    Chip       Club manager.
    Conor       Brian's cousin.
    Michael   Ferguson   Pat's close friend. aka: Fergie.
8   Natalie       Bridget's partner.
    Rocco       An aging pit bull.
    Eileen   Delany   Nora's friend.
    Michelle       Bridget's assistant.
    Father   Riordan   A priest.
    Father   McDonald   Principal at St. Ignatius Prep.
    Molly   Quinn   Bridget's best friend.
    Matty       Brian's cousin.
    Sean       Matty's cousin.
9   Mr.   O'Leary   Brian's high school baseball coach.
    Marie       Conor's wife.
    Mulcahey       Pat's old friend.
    Ashley   Conroy   Girl who kissed Brian.
10   Mr.   Fallon   Apartment owner.
    Christine       Mr. Fallon's daughter.
11   Cathy   Tursi   Theresa's new friend. aka: Mother Placid.
    Arthur       Cathy's boyfriend.
    Roger       Arthur's friend.
    Ava       Nun at Saint Gregory.
    Maura       Mother of a young postulant.
            Postulant - a candidate for admission into a religious order.
    Lucy Joseph       Kind, old nun at Saint Gregory.
    Chester       A cat.
    Monica       Nun at St. Gregory.
    Jane (1)       Maura's daughter.
    Antonia       Nun at St. Gregory.
    Helena       Stern nun with a soft heart.
13   Tommy       Eileen's ex-husband.
    Peggy       Babs daughter.
14   Carol       Julia's mother.
    Fred       Carol's husband.
15   Marie   Ahearn   First girl Bridget kissed.
    Pat   Patriot   Marie's partner.
    Joanne       Matthew's wife.
16   Fergal       Charlie's cousin
    Mort       Mailman.
17   Betty Joyce       Eileen's neighbor.
    Dot   McGuire   Nora's new neighbor.
18   Evangeline       Outspoken nun.
    Emily       Nun at St. Joseph.
    Rebecca       Nun at St. Joseph.
    Angela       Girl who asked advice from Theresa.
    Annabelle       Nun at St. Joseph.
    Gloria       Teenager sent to home for unwed mothers.
19   Patricia (2)       Peggy's sister.
    Jane (2)       Patricia's sister.
20   Dorothy       Nun who answered Theresa's phone call.
    Katherine       Nun who prayed during Mother Placid's birthday.
    Claudette       Devoted nun.
    Andrea       Nun who attended both Chapin and Radcliffe.