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Kristian Fabricante
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   Part One
1PantheraLeoThe species of Leo The Genus Panthera.
  Australopithecus A Southern Ape.
 HomoRudolfensisThe siblings of humans (East Africa).
 HomoErectusThe siblings of humans (East Asia).
 Homo NeanderthalensisThe siblings of humans (Europe and Western Asia).
 HomoSoloensisA kind of species who lived on the island of Java in Indonesia.
 HomoDenisovaAn Unknown human species who lived in Denisova Cave.
 Romeo One of the protagonists in the novel Romeo and Juliet.
 Juliet One of the protagonists in the novel Romeo and Juliet.
 KarlMarxA philosopher.
 CharlesDarwinA naturalist who discovered the evolution of man.
2Peugeot One of the oldest and largest carmakers in Europe.
 FranceJeanFormer King of France.
 ArmandPeugeotAn industrialist who owned Peugeot Car Company.
 Albert EinsteinA theoretical physicist.
3Beethoven A famous composer.
   Part Two
4GobekliTepeAn archaeological site in the Southeast Anatolia Region.
6Babylon The world's biggest city in 1776 B.C.
 Hammurabi The 6th king of the first Babylon dynasty.
 Anu The God in the Code of Hammurabi.
 Enlil The God in the Code of Hammurabi.
 Mardu The God in the Code of Hammurabi.
 Voltaire A French writer.
 ThomasJeffersonThe 3rd U.S. President.
 PrinceTalleyrandFormer minister of foreign affairs in the kingdom of France.
 Alexander The GreatThe King of ancient Greek, kingdom of Macedon.
 Diogenes A Greek philosopher.
 AdamSmithA Scottish economist.
 RichardThe LionheartThe King of England in 1189.
7KingZimrilimThe King of Mari.
 Jacob A prophet.
 Esau Son of Isaac.
8Aristotle A Greek philosopher.
 NuWaA Chinese Goddess.
 George BernardShawA playwright.
 HenryHigginsA fictional character at George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion.
 ElizaDoolittleA fictional character at George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion.
 ClennonKingBlack student who applied to the University of Mississippi.
 The KuKlux ClanA white supremacist secret society.
 LadyHaoA wife of King Wu Ding of Shang dynasty. Aka: Fu Hao.
 Thetis The Goddess of water in Greek mythology.
 Achiless Thetis's son.
 Patroclus Achilles' war companion.
 KingPhilipHusband of Queen Olympias of Macedon.
 KingLouis XIVFormer King of France.
 BarackObamaFormer U.S. President. The only black American President.
 Cleopatra The last active ruler of Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt.
 WuZetianA Chinese Sovereign. Aka: Empress Wu.
 DukeOf WellingtonNapoleon's nemesis.
 Augustus A Roman statesman.
   Part Three
9KingArthurA legendary British leader.
 CharlesDickensA writer.
 Valence A Roman Emperor.
 KingChak TokOne of the Tikal's best-known Kings.
 FerdinandMagellanA Portuguese Explorer.
 Menes The first Pharaoh.
10HernanCortesA Spanish Conquistador who invaded Mexico.
 JesusChristFirst century Jewish preacher. Christian God's messenger.
 Allah The God of Muslim.
 Muhammad Allah's messenger.
 KingAlyattesThe King of Lydia in 640 B.C.
11ScipioAemilianusThe Rome's foremost general.
 ElJabatoImaginary Iberian hero fought against Roman oppressors.
 KingDavidThe King of Israel.
 Calgacus The chieftain of the Caledonian confederacy.
 Tacitus A Roman historian.
 SargonThe GreatThe first ruler of Akkadian Empire.
 CyrusThe GreatAn Achaemid-Persian King.
 Qin ShiHuangdiA former Emperor of China.
 Mohandas K.GandhiAn Indian Activist.
 Trajan A Roman Emperor.
 Hadrian A Roman Emperor.
 Antoninius PiusA Roman Emperor.
 MarcusAureliusA Roman Emperor.
 SeptimiusSeverusA scion of a Punic family from Libya. An Emperor.
 Elagabalus A Syrian. A Roman Emperor.
12KublaiKhanA Khagan of the Mogul Empire.
 Zeus The King of the Greek Gods.
 Hera The Queen of the Greek Gods. Zeus's wife and sister.
 Apollo One of the Greek Gods.
 Moira A Nordic God.
 Ananke A Nordic God.
 Ganesha The elephant-headed God in Hinduism.
 Lakshmi The Hindu's Goddess of Wealth.
 Saraswati The Hindu's Goddess of Knowledge.
 Cybele The Asian Goddess.
 Isis The Egyptian Goddess.
 PharaohAkhenatonAn Egyptian Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty.
 Aten The Egyptian God.
 PaulOf TarsusOne of Jesus' apostle.
 Zoroaster An Iranian prophet. Aka: Zarathustra.
 Zoroastrianism A religion that Zarathustra founded.
 AhuraMazdaThe good God of Zoroastrianism.
 AngraMainyuThe evil God of Zoroastrianism.
 GautamaBuddhaThe Leader of Buddhism.
 Vladimir IlyichLeninA Russian Revolutionary.
13EmperorConstantineThe Emperor of the Roman Empire.
 HosniMubarakFormer President of Egypt.
   Part Four
 RobertOppenheimerThe father of the Atomic Bomb.
 JulesVerneA French Novelist.
 PhileasFoggA wealthy British adventurer.
 Anton VanLeeuwenhoekThe man who first saw a microorganism.
 IsaacNewtonOne of the most influential scientists of all time.
 Alexander WebsterA Presbyterian clergyman in Scotland.
 ColinMacLaurinA mathematics professor at the University of Edinburgh.
 EdmondHalleyA man who published actuary tables.
 RobertMalthusA clergyman who founded the science of demography.
 FrancisBaconFormer Lord Chancellor of England.
 DwightEisenhowerFormer U.S. President.
 HarryTrumanFormer U.S. President.
 OsamaBin LadenThe founder of the military organization called "Al-Qaeda".
 BenjaminFranklinThe founding father of the United States.
 KingGilgameshThe King of Uruk.
 KingEdward IFormer King of England.
 Eleanor King Edward I's wife.
 Catherine King Edward I's and Eleanor's daughter.
 Joan King Edward I's and Eleanor's daughter.
 Eleanor (2) King Edward I's and Eleanor's daughter.
 Berengeria King Edward I's and Eleanor's daughter.
 Mary King Edward I's and Eleanor's daughter.
 Elizabeth King Edward I's and Eleanor's daughter.
 King Edward IIKing Edward I's and Eleanor's son.
 John King Edward I's and Eleanor's son.
 Henry King Edward I's and Eleanor's son.
 Alphonso King Edward I's and Eleanor's son.
 Isabella King Edward II's wife.
 GalileoGalileiAn Astronomer.
 ChristopherColombusAn Italian explorer.
 ProfessorStughornMan who wants to study disease that infects cow udders.
 ProfessorSproutWants to study whether the cows suffer mentally.
15JosephBanksA Botanist.
 DanielSolanderA Botanist. Joseph Banks's colleague.
 JamesLindA British physician who conducted a controlled experiment on sailors.
 JamesCookA British explorer.
 Truganini The last native Tasmanian.
 HenryThe NavigatorA Portuguese Voyager.
 VascoDa GamaA Spanish Voyager.
 NeilArmstrongAn Astronaut.
 BuzzAldrinAn Astronaut.
 AmerigoVespucciAn Italian explorer.
 MartinWaldseemullerA mapmaker.
 ZhengHeA Chinese Diplomat.
 FranciscoPizarroExplorer who discovered the Inca Empire in South America.
 Montezuma II An Aztec ruler.
 Atahualpa The Inca ruler.
 HenryRawlinsonA British officer.
 WilliamJonesA Notable Imperialist scholar.
16SamuelGreedyA financier.
 JaneMcDoughnutAn experienced El Dorado chef.
 A.A.StoneAn up and coming contractor in El Dorado.
 Nurhaci A Conqueror.
 JohnLawA Scottish economist.
 KingLeopold IIThe King of Belgium.
17Napoleon III Former President of French Republic.
 HarryHarlowAn American Psychologist.
18SaddamHusseinFormer President of Iraq.
 HafezEl-AsaadFormer President of Syria.
 MikhailGorbachevFormer General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
 Martin LutherKingAn American Baptist Minister.
19HomerSimpsonThe protagonist in the American sitcom called "The Simpsons".
 Louis XVI The last King of France.
 MarieAntoinetteThe last Queen of France. Louis XVI's wife.
 AldousHuxleyA writer.
 GeorgeOrwellA writer.
 DanielKahnemanA winner of a Nobel Prize in Economics.
 Jean-JacquesRousseauA philosopher.
20EduardoKacA Brazilian bio-artist.
 GeorgeChurchA Harvard professor.
 DARPA The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.
 NUWC Naval Undersea Warfare Center.
 JesseSullivanAn American electrician who lost both arms up to the shoulder.
 ClaudiaMitchellAmerican soldier - lost her arm in a motorcycle accident.
 Aurora A monkey who learned to control bionic arm.
 MaryShelleyThe author of Frankenstein.