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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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   Paris, July 1942
 RywkaStarzynskiSarah's mother. Aka: Maman.
 SarahStarzynskiOne of the protagonists. Aka: The girl, Sirka.
   Paris, May 2002
 ZoeTezacBertrand and Julia's daughter.
 Marcelle Bertrand's grandmother. Aka: Mame.
 Antoine Bertrand's business associate.
 JuliaJarmondOne of the protagonists. Bertrand's wife.
 Joshua Julia's boss.
 Minette Mame's last pet.
 CharlaJarmondJulia's sister.
 Daniel Sarah's bully schoolmate.
 Suzanne The concierge's baby.
 ColletteTezacBertrand's mother.
 EdouardTezacBertrand's father.
 Leon Sarah's schoolmate.
 Bamber The photo director. Julia's workmate.
 Alessandra The features editor. Julia's workmate.
 FranckLevyThe creator of the biggest association to help Jewish people.
 EvanFrostJulia's crush when she was young.
 SeanJarmondJulia's father. An MIT professor.
 HeatherC. JarmondJulia's mother. An ex-tennis champion from Miami.
 KatyLacyJulia's best friend.
 MissSeboldJulia's 5th grade teacher.
 Herve Julia's gay friend.
 Christophe Juilia's gay friend.
 Holy Julia's true friend. An American Expat.
 Susannah Julia's true friend. An American Expat.
 Jan Julia's true friend. An American Expat.
 Isabelle Julia's french friend.
 Armelle Maman's bestfriend.
 Dixsaut Sarah's professor.
 Evan Maman's neighbor.
 Guillame A man who works at advertising. Julia's new friend.
 JacquesChiracA former French President.
 Daniel The boy who bullied Armelle.
 Henry Julia's ex-boyfriend.
 Galled Julia's former lover.
 LaureTezacBertrand's sister.
 Cecile Bertrand's sister.
 Thierry Laure's fiancé.
 Xavier A newspaper vendor.
 Veronique One of the staff at Mame's nursing home.
 AndreTezacMame's late husband. Bertrand's grandfather.
 MadameRoyerThe concierge.
 Rachel Sarah's friend from interment camp.
 Drancy Julia's workmate.
 Mathilde Isabelle's daughter.
 Elsa Zoe's babysitter.
 Amelie Bertrand's ex-girlfriend.
 GenevieveDufaureJules's wife.
 JulesDufaureFarmer who helps and hides Sarah and Rachel from the police.
 Arnaud Cecile and Laure's son.
 Louis Cecile and Laure's son.
 MichelStarzynskiSarah's 4-year-old brother.
 WladyslawStarzynskiSarah's father.
 Menetzky The curator of Drancy Memorial Stadium.
 Ben Charla's ex-husband.
 Barry Charla's new husband.
 StephanieDufaureSarah's fake identity.
 GaspardDufaureGenevieve and Jules's grandson.
 NicolasDufaureGenevieve and Jules's grandson.
 AlainDufaureGenevieve and Jules's son.
 NathalieDufaureGaspard's granddaughter.
 RichardJ. RainsferdSarah's husband.
 Tina Charla's assistant.
 OrnellaHarrisRichard and Mara's daughter. William's half-sister.
 Lorenzo Ornella's uncle.
 Mildred Richard's nurse.
 EricHarrisOrnella's husband.
 WilliamRainsferdSarah and Richard's son. Ornella's half-brother.
 MaraRainsferdRichard's 2nd wife.
 FrancescaRainsferdWilliam's wife.
 Sarah Julia's 2nd daughter.
 Neil Julia's boyfriend.