Characters - Alphabetical
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Mrs.Anderson Josanne's neighbor.
OlChampsChamps's grandfather.
ChuckDonovanThe first rate bass fisherman.
JillMarcosiJeffrey's friend.
DavidNolandChamps's eldest son.
JeffreyNolandOne of Champs's sons.
JuneNolandChamps's mother.
KimmieNolandDavid's wife.
LauraNolandChamps and Pat's daughter.
PatNolandChamps's dead wife.
PeetyNolandChamps's brother.
RyanNolandDavid's son.
SamanthaNolandDavid's baby daughter.
StuartNolandChamps Senior's brother.
BeverlyPruittFrank's wife.
FrankPruittThe hauler owner.
BenjiRajMel's son.
ChampsSeniorChamps's father.
FreddyThe FrogDavid's client.
KenVernonThe river keeper.
Mrs.WickChamps's neighbor.
Mrs.WilliamsChamps's neighbor.
Amanda A sales agent.
Bessie Mrs. Anderson's dog.
Bobby The volunteer at Farmworks.
Brian Laura's husband. A lawyer.
Candice One of the widows.
Carl Larry's acquaintance.
Caroline Champs's nurse.
Chicken Ray Champs's neighbor. Arsonist on the eastern shore. Aka: Raymond.
Danielle The cashier.
Emily Champs's friend.
Hal A vet.
Hannah Laura's daughter.
Harvey's widow The woman who visits Champs.
Hessie Chicken Ray's relative. Champs Senior's friend.
Jason The sales clerk.
Josanne Larry's wife. Aka: Josie Ann.
JP One of Pat's clients. Aka: Jeffrey Powell.
Keith One of Pat's clients.
Larry Champs's neighbor. The President of residents' association.
Mel David's mistress.
Millie Champs's dog.
Nadine Hessie's harley.
Nicholas Pat's father. Aka: Nickleby.
Raj The gardening center owner.
Ratched A nurse.
Rick Peety's landlord.
Thomas Laura's dead son.
Thor Champs's favorite avenger.
Zoe Laura's daughter. Aka: Zo-zo.