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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1Tessa PalmerMorgan's babysitter / deceased.
3MorganDaneTessa's employer / Protagonist.
 BryceWaltersDistrict's attorney / Morgan Dane's new boss.
 JohnDaneHusband of Morgan Dane.
 NickZabrowskiNeighbor of Morgan Dane / Boyfriend of Tessa.
 Art Morgan Dane's Grandfather aka: Grandpa.
 SophieDaneEldest daughter of Morgan Dane.
 Ava DaneThe 6-year-old daughter of Morgan Dane.
 MiaDaneMorgan Dane's youngest daughter.
 Evelyn PalmerTessa's Grandmother.
 FelicityWeberFriend of Tessa.
 StellaDaneA Detective / Morgan Dane's younger sister.
4LanceKrugerA former police / The SkyWalker to Sharps's Obi-Wan.
 LincolnSharpFormer Scarlet Falls detective / Lance Kruger's boss.
 Mrs.BrownNeighbor of Lincoln Sharp's cousin.
 Leonard BrownCheater husband of Mrs. Brown.
 CarlRiptonPoliceman handled Tessa's case, Kruger's former colleague.
 Gianna LeoneA woman who insists on becoming Morgan Dane's live-in-nanny.
6BrodyMcNamaraCo-Detective of Stella Dane.
 JamieLewisA 16-year-old girl who was missing for 2 months.
7Tony AlessiA Highschool drop out / Jamie Lewis's bestfriend.
 Robert WilliamBaroneHas information on Jamie Lewis and friend. Aka: Red, Robby.
 Horner Chief of Police / Brody's partner.
8RichDigulioThe Mayor.
9Bud ZabrowskiNick Zabrowski's father.
12Mrs. Ivy M.BaroneRobby Barone's mother.
 JacobEmersonBoy fighting with Nick / Ex-boyfriend of Tessa Palmer.
 Mr. PhilipEmersonA lawyer / Jacob Emerson's father.
15Victor KrugerLance Kruger's father.
16Vanessa LewisMother of Jamie Lewis.
 KevinMurdochVanessa Lewis's fiancee.
19JenniferKrugerLance Kruger's mother.
20Shorty A man from jail / Nick Zabrowski's acquaitance.
23Dwayne DavidBaroneRobby Barone's father.
25Dean VossAn Army Veteran / A man who saw who murder Tessa Palmer.
27AllySomersThe girl that Dean Voss was accused of kissing.
 KimmieBlakeStudent who claimed to see Dean Voss & Ally Somers kissing.
28Shannon GreenNeighbor of Dean Voss.
34ZacharyMenendezA prisoner who stabbed Nick Zabrowski.
35Mrs.VossDean Voss's wife.
 NedBurkeDean Voss's neighbor.
43CoachZackA Hockey coach.
 Byron DixonA sex offender who stole Kevin Murdoch's Identity.