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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1Nye The mystery boy.
3JanetGoldHospital receptionist at Royal Surrey Hospital. Ed's mother.
 Robin Janet's colleague.
4JessicaFlynnThe psychologist. Aka: Doctor Flynn.
 JamieFlynnJessie's brother.
 Ahmose Jessie's boyfriend.
5BobbySimmonsThe detective inspector. Aka: Marilyn.
 DannySimmonsMarilyn's son. Deceased.
 MarilynMansonThe American rocker.
 SarahWorkmanThe detective sergeant. Aka: DS Workman.
 HarryLawsonThe baby Janet found. Malcolm's son.
 MalcolmLawsonHarry's father.
 DanielLawsonMalcolm's son who commits suicide. Deceased.
 DoctorButterMarilyn's acquaintance.
6GideonDuursemaThe head of the defense psychology service. Jessie's boss.
 Ryan ThomasJonesJessie's patient. Colonel Wallace's trainee.
 PhilipWallaceThe Blackdown's commanding officer. Aka: Colonel Wallace.
7EdwardGoldPolice lieutenant at Royal Military Police Investigation.
 BenCallanGold's captain.
9GlynMorganCallan's lead SOCO.
   SOCO - Scene of the Crime Operatives.
 RichardH. HoughThe commanding officer at Southern Region.
 StephenFosterVictim. Deceased.
 MarthaWonsagStephen's partner.
10JoanLawsonHarry's grandmother. Malcolm's mother.
11MichaelO'ShaughnessyThe padre at Blackdown.
12SamiScottThe baby who lost his mother.
16Jenny The service secretary.
17JaceHarrisThe Duty Staff Officer during the incident that happened.
19Alice Ahmose's ex-wife. Deceased.
24AnneLawsonMalcolm's wife.
25ValMonksAn Army Pathologist.
27KiddieChaplerA police sergeant.
29TonyBurrowsMarilyn's lead CSI.
34Pandy Jamie's teddy bear.
 Diane Jessie's step-mother.
 PamelaBrownThe head psychiatric nurse.
40JohnnyMarshallMarilyn's acquaintance.
45Leo The guy Leo punched.
46Perkins One of Callan's officers.
48DarrenCaraA detective constable.
56DerekPorterOne of Malcolm's customers.
 BarbaraPorterDerek's wife.
 FelixPetersonOne of the Malcom's customers.
57WendyChubbMarilyn's former case.