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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1Eve DallasLieutenant. Alleged killer. A murder cop.
 Garner DewinterForensic anthropologist.
    Du Vin - A bar Roarke owns.
  Roarke  Eve's husband. A businessman.
 Larinda MarsGossip reporter Channel 75. Deceased. Aka: Lorilie Saturn.
 Cesca GarliniWaitress.
 Nadine FurstA reporter with standard and ethics.
 Mavis FreestoneEve's best friend. Leonardo's wife.
 Leonardo  Mavis's husband.
 Bella  The one with the birthday party.
 Dr. Morris LiEve's close friend.
 Amaryllis ColtaineThe girl Li is in love with.
 Delia PeabodyCo-investigator at NYPSD.
 Miranda  Eve's true love.
 Marlee  The fainter.
 Bryce SterlingDoctor.
 Emily FrancisManager on duty of Du Vin Bar.
 Curtis LiebowitzCook of Du Vin Bar. aka: Curt.
 Kyle SpinderA server and waiter at Du Vin Bar.
 Malory  A server and waitress at Du Vin Bar.
 Det. McNabAn investigator in Larinda Mars's death.
2Fabio BellamiA producer.
 Sherry  Cesca's roommate. Cook of Du Vin Bar.
 Bentley  A Du Vin Bar staff.
3DeAnna BellamiFabio's wife.
 Lanie  DeAnna and Fabio's maid.
 J.C.  Fabio's friend.
4Mitch L. DaySexually involved with Larinda. aka: Mitchell Edwin Dayton.
 Mrs. WilburLarinda's neighbor.
 Roxie  Lobby clerk.
 Becca  The door woman.
 Luke  Becca's colleague.
 Gio  Becca's colleague.
 Henry  Larinda's sex toy.
5Galahad  Roarke's cat.
 Dr. MiraResident Psych at NYPSD.
  Summerset Roarke's majordomo.
 Ivanna  The girl Summerset is going on a vacation with.
 Jonah R. OngarA Du Vin customer. Cheyenne's live-in partner.
 Cheyenne CaseJonah's live-in partner. Works in procurement.
 Mallie BaxterA Du Vin customer. Assistant Manager.
6Caro  Roarke's employee.
  Whitney A cop and commander.
7Det. SantiagoHomicide detective.
  Yancy An ident artist at NYPSD.
 Kyung  The Media Liaison.
 Mr. HardyA Du Vin Customer.
 Mr. FranksA Du Vin Customer.
8RyanFeeney An NYPSD detective.
 Sashay DuprisMitch's wife. A model.
 Barry HewittPolitical beat.
 Bebe HewittHead of broadcasting. Barry's aunt.
  Tibble Chief of Police of NYPSD.
 Vi  Works at Channel 75.
 Ross BurkoffLarinda's assistant.
9Annie KnightQueen of Tack-Screen.
 Mickey BullionA reporter.
 Wylee StamfordA reporter.
 Trina  Beauty technician. Mavis and Eve's friend.
 Randy BullionMickey's brother.
 Monicka PooleMitch's intern.
10Scarlet SilkA young actress.
 Nick PatelliJonah's best friend.
 Sylvie MacGruderNick's date.
11   Gino's - "Bar, restaurant, potentially a person."
 Missy Lee DuranteAn actress. A Du Vin Customer.
 Carmichael  Police officer.
 Reo  Works at NYPSD.
 Harvo  Queen of hair and fiber. Works at NYPSD.
 Elsie KendrickWorks at NYPSD.
12Brian O'KeefeWylee's manager.
 Jed  The big man.
 Gretchen JohannsenWylee's lawyer.
 Aaron  Wylee's neighbor.
 Rod C. KeithAssaulted Wylee back when he was a kid. Aka: Big Rod.
 Dr. PrestonWylee's doctor.
13Marshall PosterActor. aka: Tad.
 Toothy GrinWorks in tne TV Industry.
 Clarice JennerDirector.
 Melissa ForenskiWorks at Knight Productions.
 Bill HyattKnight's admin.
 Bob TurnbillAnnie's lawyer.
 Terrance BicfordAnnie's partner. aka: Bic.
 Carly EllisonAnnie's mother. A prostitute.
 Wayne SaverinoThe man Annie thought she killed.
14Phoebe MichaelsonLarinda's assistant's assistant.
15Larson K. DerickPhoebe's father. Black hat hacker. Aka: Black Hat Derick.
 Dory  Phoebe's friend.
 Anson GregoryMissy Lee's attorney.
 Jenny  Missy Lee's sister.
16Iris DuranteAn unlikely, but more possible suspect.
18Angela TerraPresident and CEO of Terra Consultants.
 Carly Mae JunoOne of the ID shots on screen.
 Brite LunaThe proprietor of Moonstruck Life Embracing Therapy.
 Jean-Paul LarocheAngela's new neighbor. aka: Paul.
 Marie-Claire LarochePaul's wife.
 Julian LarochePaul and Marie's son.
 Claudette LarochePaul and Marie's daughter.
19  JenkinsonDetective at NYPSD.
  Reineke Detective at NYPSD.
 James MercuryPrivate practice pediatrician.
 Marilee MercuryCo-owner of Kansas Gardens.
    Kansas Gardens - A nursery and landscaping company.
 Clara MercuryMarilee's sister. Owns a 22-acre farm with her husband.
21Kellie LowryA victim. Works at Knight Productions.
 Terren AltaKellie and Haley's roommate. Works at Knight Productions.
 Kendra  Terren and Haley's former roommate.
 Haley  Terren's roommate.
  Trueheart Detective at NYPSD.
22William HyattKiller.
 Ilene RiffWorks wardrobe at Knight.